Sunday, May 6, 2007

No. 9

It was a big week for Cupcake. I wish I found a minute to blog more often. I still can't figure out where the time flies!

Monday We met my friend Margaret for a walk in the park in the early AM. I went to work for a couple hours. I started working at my father's office. She barely knows I am gone. After I put her down for a nap I RUN. I come home about 2 hours after she wakes. Marco and Soledad are here so she has fun!

Tuesday we went to lunch with my Grandmother and took Cupcake for her first ToysRUs outing. She had fun but we had a better time. She started to take a nap on one of her toys so it was time to go. Thanks for the cartful of toys Grandma. Want to take me to a jewelry store next week?

Wednesday we went to the new park near our home. It was reall nice but she pulled this crying stuff when it was time to go so I asked her if she was joking and kept walking to the car. Oh yeah- since she is the BIG SHOT walking girl she likes to run further when I call her but she loves to hold hands too.

Thursday we ran around shopping and it was the first day we had only ONE bottle for a meal (breakfast). We went to play with Sophia and her new puppy. Uncle Daniel came in to play and meet Cupcake for the first time so this weekend was going to be FILLED with shopping.

Friday- Of course we shopped all day with Uncle Daniel. We played outside and went shopped a bit more!

Saturday we went to Best Buy (YUCK!) but Dad really likes it. After we all went to Bertucci's for pizza and Cupcake played with her ravioli. I think the BEST part of going out to eat (even though I do prefer to cook) is Cupcake can destroy the floor and I don't have to scrub it again, lol.

This morning Cupcake had her first Birthday party at "My Gym." Her girlfriend Irenee turned 2. She didn't want pizza, cake, or to sit adn the circle and play games but she would NOT get off the trampoline so it is time for Mommy and Daddy to buy one- 911!

First trip to ToysRUS-
Going for a walk with Sophia-
Having a good day at Sophia's House-

Spending Irenee's Birthday on the trampoline-


Starfish said...

That girl is becoming a professional shopper - wonder where she gets that from!

Esther said...

That is so cute with her falling asleep on the toy at ToysRUS!! Hey, by the way, we used to have one of those same toys. The boys loved it for years. Great toy.

Maggie said...

I've been missing all these posts because I forgot to subscribe to this site with Bloglines. I'm hooked up now though! Glad to see everything is going well.

Christen & Frank said...

Shopping, shopping and more shopping! Just imagining what Cupcake will talk about on her blog someday.... haha :)

Trampolines - so much fun! Good exercise, too.

A Special Family said...

She is simply adorable!!!

A Special Family said...

She is simply adorable!!!