Sunday, April 29, 2007

No. 8

So last night was the first night WE went out since leaving for Moscow February 9, 2007. My Mom and Larry stayed with Cupcake which is GREAT because NO ONE else is staying with our daughter for a very long time EXCEPT for them. We went to a cocktail party at Lizzy & Cousin Ruby's. We had a blast. It was tough to swallow that I wasn't bathing and putting my daughter to sleep. The first time I didn't hug & kiss her before she went to sleep. I KNOW she doesn't mind but I did feel like I was missing out.

This morning the 3 of us had breakfast and enjoyed the beautiful weather on the deck. We came in to give Cupcake lunch. After lunch she was just walking around the house. For the first time EVER she made an effort to play with Buttercup who is our female lab (Scooby is the male). Here is a pic of them together.

Friday, April 27, 2007

No. 7

Where do the weeks go? How could my last post be on Monday? What did I do all week? All I know is everyday I feel like we utilize every waking moment but I can not account for our accomplishments. We did surprise Marco at the condo which is a second home in the city that Marco is renovating. Cupcake is walking beautifully and soon to be jogging. She ate her first egg for dinner tonight. Yippee one more thing I can get her to eat but she was hunting around for a bottle. We are down to 2-3 bottles a day which is better. Her cute little sounds crack me up and her addiction to the bath gets me so excxited for the pool to open in a couple of weeks.
Her favorite toys this week are her Puppy (which goes with the FP house) and New book ( by Vtech)which reads the nursery rhymes to her (2 thumbs up from me!) and her new classic car from her friend Baby L- OMG it is soo CUTE!

Monday, April 23, 2007

No. 6

Saturday's adventures were a BLAST!!! Cupcake and I went to visit Laura, Tiger, & The Prince. Often I joke we are a little country but only 10 miles outside the city but we went to the COUNTRY! Cupcake had a blast. She loves The Prince and Tiger. It is nice to see 3 sweet children play all day together, on their own, and so QUIETLY! Of course the girls don't talk much but they make their points! Since Cupcake has a Mommy who is not so outdoorsy it was really great for her to see Tiger's sheep, sit on Laura's horse (Spanky), play on the trampoline (she was in heaven), and go for jeep rides with The Prince.

When we get home I am so excited to show Marco the 45 great pictures but he became fixed on Cupcake going for a ride with an older boy. I set him straight quickly! This is THE PRINCE, he made sure Cupcake was safe!!!

Anyway, on our hour ride home I explained to Cupcake we can't have horsie's, sheep, or anymore animals but our 2 dogs because Mommy and Daddy are too irresponsible. We reached our maxium responsibility level with 1 baby and 2 dogs. Oh- I forgot to mention we do not do the outdoors well either!

Stay tuned for Wednesday's trip to the Baltimore Zoo.

Friday, April 20, 2007

No. 5

Confessions of a new Mommy...I am tired a different kind of tired. One I am learning how to deal with! Maybe a little more than usual since I have been sick for a month but a 18 month old can really tired out a 35 year old! Cupcake is learning so much. The first pic is "Where is your Belly button?" and she is with both of my grandmother's. I am not sure how many photo opportunities I will have with both of her Great Grandmother's since one lives out of town
This was priceless! These pics are from last week but as you know I am ALWAYS behind these days!

Now let me tell you a bit about Wednesday. I swore a million times I would never talk about POO. Why talk about POO? I can't stand POO talk. I am not a big fan of diapering and look forward to potty training.

Anyway, after 20 minutes I her Cupcake cooing and googling in her cute little voice. Very strange when she usually passes out. I run up to check on her and notice smears of BROWN on her beautiful pink sheets. I had NO CLUE what I was about to walk into. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!! She is a MESS! I grab her up carefully in fear of an overflowing diaper, then I stand her in the tub, and proceed to hand bathe her with wipees. YES a whole pack of wipees as the bath is running. I sit her in a shallow tub as I am anxious to check out her room. OMG OMG OMG- 911 please help! My daughters baby bumper, linens, blankies, and stuff animals have been attacked by POO!!! Tears are streaming down my face, my child is in the tub, and I am stuffing everything in a garbage bag. Quickly I change her linens, wipe down her bed, find a new collection of stuffed animals, and blankies. I run back to the bath as I have been running back and forth every 5 seconds worried about leaving her- I rush back to shampoo Cupcakes' hair, and give her a final soap down. Now she is shiney clean and so is her room.

Let's try again. Now she is comfy clean she goes right to sleep!!! So sorry for talking about POO but I may need therapy!

Thursday was a great day ALMOST! See Cupcake's face below- this is how she was ALL DAY! She decided she was going to refuse a nap and Mommy was to weak to protest after yesterday. We climbed Up and DOWN the stairs a few times, played her piano for a few hours, threw her blocks and stackers all over the room trying to acheive the loudest BANG on the floor possible, we sang head and shoulders a few hundred times (Cupcake's request) and Pattycake followed by Where is Thumpkin a few million times. So my precious little Cupcake is doing great but her Mom is a bit gray, slightly exhausted, and could really use some sunny days so we can get out a bit more and play!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

No. 4

I was trying to set up so I could post lots of pics every week but if anyone knows how to help so all the pics show on the post I am in need of assistance!

lmmontillo's photosMore of lmmontillo's photos

Friday, April 13, 2007

No. 3

What is better than waking up to your childs face covered in a runny nose, pink cheeks, and glassy eyes as you are hurrying out to the doctor to get the results of your labs for TB, HIV, & everything else under the sun since it isn't normal to have high fevers for 3 weeks.

I just wanted to cry. I think I did in the car. I changed her, washed her, fed her, and left her with Solidad and Marco but Daddy doesn't count when the market is about to open! Meanwhile I probably gave my daughter something terrible too.

The good news is I was cleared for TB, HIV, thyroid, iron, potassium, Hep, and whatever else, but not cleared on possible pneumonis because I didn't make it to radiology for chest x-rays. Hopefully I can get into somewhere tomorrow. The doctor ordered another set of labs since she thinks they don't look good but if this isn't enough she gave me another form for another set next month too!

After being gone for an hour- I was rushing home to Cupcake as I wanted to be with her so badly! She giggled, cried, and gave a quick hands up to me as I walked in the house. She made my day! I wasn't sure if she was going to look at me after abandoning her this morning! We went upstairs and snuggled and wiped noses all day until my Mom came to help. We gave Cupcake a bath, a warm bottle, and played. To bed she went to bed at 6:30 as I am prepared to see her pink little face, and runny nose in a few hours!

Another great Mommy moment- Cupcake's Daddy informed me while I was sprawled out hogging the bed last night- I slept through my daughter's wailing and bawling for her Mommy! OMG OMG- What did you do? Why didn't you wake me? Hmmm- I changed her, washed her face, and held her until she was ready to go back to bed. Forgetting to share your child with your spouse is NOT NICE!!! He is SUPER DADDY! He may not be available for an hour in the morning but Mr. Nightowl really is so impressive with his daughter!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today Marco brought in the mail as usual. He handed me the BIG YELLOW ENVELOPE. I smiled and handed it back to him to open carefully since carefully and Lauren do no usually go together. Cupcake's Certificate of Citizenship arrived. After I edit her name and personal info I will post it.

Today was the first day I have felt like myself but it looks like Cupcake and I need to get X-rays to clear us for pneumonia. We should know by next week.

Our daughter is WALKING! Really walking. She is walking so much she is wanting to eat more too.

Most of you may or may not know but Cupcake protests food as she is addicted to her bottle. Do you know how many people want to give me advice on why I shouldn't hold her like an infant and feed her? TOO MANY!!! The past week she has been super adventurous. She has eaten a few bites of banana, strawberries, mac & cheese, PB&J, and mashed potatoes. She doesn't enjoy it but she is exploring. It just isn't enough to call it a meal so after we play around she gets her big PHAT 12oz bottle with a Gerber fruit, rice cereal, and whole milk. When her belly is about big enough for her to tumble over she usually pushes the bottle away.

Today we met my father and Leslie for lunch. She was giggley as usual and played with aother child. Whenever she sees children she is very sweet and friendly. Then we went to the grocery store. You know what you see at the store about 2pm? A million mommies and babies!

We came home so she could have playtime, dinner, and a bath so when daddy comes home she can play until bedtime. I would like to end with happily ever after but an hour later I hear SCREAMING and BAWLING....RUN FOREST RUN! SO I run to her to console her. Marco suggests I make her a warm bottle. The baby was STARVING. Did I feel horrible putting our daughter to ed starving? YESSSSSS - ARGGHHH , I really felt badly. After her bottle she went to sleep like a yummy little Cupcake!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What do you do on your ONE MONTH HOME day? We got dressed, had breakfast, and hurried to meet Tyler & Maria at a Gymboree Class. I am not sure who is more bored with the toys at home but I will guess ME! Anyway the kids had a great time.

I had to run to the Doctor so Nana & Grandma K (Cupcake's Great-Grandmother) came to babysit.

Later Cupcake and I met Daddy, Nana, Poppy Larry, and Grandma K for dinner. It was just another pleasant day minus the doctors!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Welcome to "Life with Cupcake." Most of you have probably followed our Adoption Journey to Russia. Today we have been home for ONE MONTH!

A quick recap of how we got here...I woke up in April of 2006 and told Marco we were going to Russia to find our daughter. I began the research for 6 long weeks. May 15th I made our first appointment on June 1, 2006 for us to meet a Social Worker from Creative Adoptions in Maryland. They were only accredited in Russia until June 9, 2006 so we had to select an agency for placement. Alliance For Children in MA was our final decision.

By July 21, 2006 we had EVERYTHING completed, I-797C in hand, and our dossier was on the way to Russia.

In October I told Marco we are leaving for Russia. He asked me WHY?... I know I come up with a bunch of outlandish plans but this was FOR REAL! Anyway we got our plane tickets and we were off to Kazan, Russia. As in many adoptions....THINGS HAPPEN and SOMETIMES THEY JUST DON'T! After we were given our referral with a disclaimer warning if you do not accept this child there will not be another little girl, WE CANCELLED! A little more complicated because we were also informed a new Judge was Anti-International Adoption. A family went to court 13 days before our departure and DID NOT get their children. Our agency disclosed, gave us our options, and with little thought we switched to Moscow Region. Switching our dossier to another region cost us a month.

We departed for Moscow on December 1, 2006. After declining 3 referrals of baby girls who we felt we were not capable of parenting, we met CUPCAKE! We heard so many times, you will know when it is right but we didn't buy it! It was true. She was the "IT" kid and we were meant to be her parents!

After a long holiday season we had court on Valentine's Day. Hearing that we were officially the Father and Mother of Cupcake was the first time tears streamed down my face. Since Moscow is long second trip, Marco had to return to the US shortly after court. Week 2 I was SOLO in Moscow but met up with all of my wonderful friends. Maria & Jeff, Laura & Rich, Melissa & Mike, Scott & Lisa, and my special SBP Kate came to spend the weekend with me so I took her to meet Cupcake.

On February 25, 2007 my family arrived. My mother and I brought Cupcake back to the apartment on the 27th. Papa Larry, and Uncle Joe were waiting for our arrival. From this day forward life was complete.

After a week, it was Just Mom, Me and Cupcake. It was getting hard as we were so excited to return home. March 10, 2007 we boarded Flight 31 from SVO to JFK.

We were surprised at the airport by our friends Andrea & Mario holding a US flag and a Welcome Home banner. What a wonderful surprise!

Finally I could put our daughter in Marco's arms! After a 4 hour ride to Baltimore...I realized our Adoption Journey has come to end, our life as family has just began, and our daughter was the most amazing little girl in the world. Most of all we were the luckiest parents in the WORLD!

Last week I got the call for our first Post Placement Report- it was time to move on to a new blog, our new story, and "Life With Cupcake."

We look forward to sharing the next chapters of our lives together... Our first day as Cupcake's Mommy & Daddy