Friday, June 29, 2007

No. 26

Since we have had Cupcake's COC for over 2 months it was time to go to Social Security to get her s/s#. Since my mother and I both have not gotten new cards since we were married... we all took a number. We have delayed this matter because our SS office is not in such a great area. always crowded, and just not a nice place to go. We checked online to find there was a newer office right in our little town. We walked in and out in 10 minutes. Thanks SS for having a nice office in the burbs with compentent employees who respect time!

Lastly- Our finals pics from our weekend in , and NY. J is practicing for 2 (J- you make it look easy!), and Cupcake is lounging in the hammock.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No. 25

To continue our weekend we (Cupcake, Nic, Andrea, & I) went to visit another friend on Saturday. We were set for an early morning playdate but didn't arrive until 1. The first pic is how the day went .... PERFECT! The kids had a blast, the adults had a blast, and I think the pups did too. We played until 7pm. Thanks J & L and Baby L we had a wonderful day. You were great hosts!!! Hope to see you soon!

Monday, June 25, 2007

No. 24

Cupcake and I kissed the boys good-bye on Thursday as they departed for Atlantic City. We decided to go on a road trip to visit a few friends. We arrived at Andrea's and Nic's ready to play on Thursday night. Cupcake is a GREAT travel buddy.

We sang songs, ate choc chip cookies, and took BRIEF naps for 3 hours. We woke up got ready to swim just like we were at home! Later we had a couple more surprises when Bam-Bam & Pebbles came to visit. After a fun filled day with 4 kids Andrea and I had a little dinner party with another blogger family!

Saturday we went to visit another family who lives close-by. More pics and the rest of the weekend coming soon....

Late Friday night Ann-Marie & Zach came to join us! It was so great to see them. That time next week they will be on their way to St. Pete's to bring home Baby "Bee"!

The pics are of Ciana & Nic getting ready for the pool. Nic's grandparents cameby to visit. Melissa & the kids came for the day. If you notice Cupcake's face looks a bit scuffed and battered, she took a little tumble down the steps. YES, I was a bit sick to my tummy but a little ice & a bunch of kisses helped a bit.

Monday, June 18, 2007

No. 23

Happy 1st Father's Day Marco & Dad!

What a great Daddy's Day! Uncle Pietro, Uncle Paolo, Daddy, and Pop had brunch with Cupcake, Leslie, and me. It was a beautiful day in Baltimore for a day for of smiles!

Poppy & Nana came over to swim and play with Cupcake-Hmm Not quite sure how I missed all of those photo ops!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

No. 22

So Cupcake is in heaven as all three of them dote on her every move, giggle, and demand. She has all three wrapped around her tiny pinkie! The boxes came, the three of them got the tools, and made it happen quickly. Of course when you have Cupcakie running from rim to rim scarring the heck out of you, the pressure to get the enclosure is outrageous. If I could only post the video of her tantrum! Finally Daddy said TAKE HER! I am always the bad guy taking her out of the bath, pool, hot tub, and NOW the trampoline. The neighbors are going to think I beat my child!

After we came home from lunch daddy put Cupcake where she was aching to go...Back on the tramp.


No. 21

Last week Cupcake licked her first Brownie Bowl. As much as she likes cupcakes I think brownies are her first choice.
Last Sunday we went swimming at Tyler's. The kids were super cute as usual.
Next is the Montillo men on the construction site for Cupcake's trampoline. Daddy and the twins worked hard to bring BIG Smiles to Little Cupcake.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No. 20

Monday, June 10, 2007, I forgot to post as I intended but it was a special day but Friday the 14th is too. It has been 3 months that Cupcake has been home and Friday will be 4 months since we have been Mommy & Daddy.

Uncle Pietro & Paulo are flying in from Italy today but hanging out with Marco in Atlantic City. Friday they will finally meet Cupcake!

Cupcake and I went to the doctor for a check up last week. She has grown 1.75 inches, putting her standing at 30.75 inches. Six weeks our little daughter is sprouting. A weight gain of 2 lbs, Now 22.5 lbs. Just 2 more lbs of yummy chunks to squeeze and tickle.

We are swimming a lot, relaxing a bit, and starting to plan the Cupcake Bash!

New pics coming soon!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No. 19

So the first morning we wake up. I put Cupcake in her stroller which is doubling as a high chair. Do you guys know what this means? It means I want my ponytail and a clean dipey...BEFORE I WILL EAT!
The next pic is a protest. This is when cute little Cuppycake whines with croc tears as she would like to proceed to the pool. She doesn't quite get I need to get ready too!

I came out ready to go so I said " let's go SPLASH SPLASH- KICK KICK, Big smiles to this one!!!We finally make it to the pool but before I can even warm up I have to hurry in as she just JUMPS!

Finally, our flight home I was a bit nervous as she was not looking very tired. Figures it is our first flight without an empty seat next to me for her. I had this brillant idea to lay her down on my legs to play. Well she crashed out for 90 minutes! Boy did my foot burn and my legs ached from holding them up for most of our flight home OUCH!

No. 18

Tuesday night Nana & Poppy came over to say "bye-bye" to Cupcake before her first weekend getaway. They brought dinner and played with Cupcake. She had a blast. The waterbaby refuses to come out of the bath, hot tub, or pool!
The next pic is Wednesday morning 5:30am (look at the bow!). Cupcake is ready to rock to the airpost. What an angel she was on the plane! After arriving at Grandma's we suited up and off to the pool.
We came home late last night so I will update with more pics tomorrow