Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No. 17

Cupcake and I are leaving tomorrow for Florida to visit Grandma. We are almost ready to have a little fun in the sun with Aunt Reesy too.

When I went to get the mail there was this little box. In the box there was this most adorable bow with a CUPCAKE button. Thanks again Tracy! Tracy is on the blogroll under "Rhyne & Jake." I am waiting to see if there is a website with her great bows. When I get it I will post it.

The funniest thing is it completely matches Cupcakes outfit on the plane so when I return I will post the whole outfit!

Monday, May 28, 2007

No. 16

What a fantabulous weekend! Maria brouhgt over baby Tyler, and Laura & Rich brought over the Prince & Tiger. Andrea, Mario, and Baby Nic stayed for the weekend. Four super happy families couldn't help but notice all of the miracles in the room. It was so great to see how awesome they all played, ate, and LOVED to find their Mommy's!!!

Next Big bash- July 21st for Cupcake's Birthday. ANy Blogger Buddies in and around town (MD), Send an email for an invite!

Hope you enjoy our pics!!!

When picture time was over...the 2 hams were still posing! Baby Tyler and Cupcake are real camera shy!!!

The water babies couldn't get enough!!! Tiger & Cupcake finish up to head out for a popsicle!
The popsicle ATTACK on Tiger! Cupcake is ALWAYS posing!

The Mommy's attempt of a group photo!
A follow up to the KISS...they went in for a nap. Sleeping beauty wouldn't sleep which is funny because she always sleeps and Baby Nicolas is nevr keen on the nap thing..HAHA!

After naptime we dressed them for a photo shoot...

Cupcake decided to nap while Nic decided on whether on not he was going to participate in the photo shoot....

Saturday, May 26, 2007

No. 15

Cupcake, give Baby Nic a Kiss...

We have been so excited all week waiting for Andrea, Mario, and Baby Nic to come spend the holiday weekend with us. They arrived yesterday. Cupcake knows how to greet her little friends. In return BIG HUGS from Baby Nic too. Stay tuned for 2 more Blogger babies to arrive tomorrow!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

No. 14

Here are the pics first for a change, lol.

We made it to MONDAY! A little runny nose, a cough, and big smiles but we have made it! SO what do you do with your sick child...Well my husband thought putting her in the trash can ( a new one )would be funny. Yes, she thought it was funny. I almost had a heart attack. As I go to take the picture she stands up and almost falls over with the trash can. Luckily Dada to the rescue. He caught her, I almost cried, and she laughed her booty off!
Her PONYTAIL- Do you see it is flopping over? There is no more signature Cupcake tail standing straight up!
Everyday I am seeing her grow so fast I am amazed. The past week her play has even changed. She goes right to her play area, does her stacker, a puzzle, and her magnadoodle without me putting them in front of her and helping her. She used to need me to hold the stacker, show her where the puzzle pieces go, and place the magnadoodle pencil in her hand. My independent girl is doing so fantabulous. I might cry as soon as she doesn't need me to pick her up to put her in the tub. Then I will lose alot of status in her book!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

N0. 13

How appropriate to be entry #13! Oh where, oh where has my little Cupcake been all week? Wednesday late afternoon Cupcake had BRIGHT PINKY cheeks and by nighttime had 103.5. Oh my- someone forgot to tell me sick babies are no fun and NEED so much love. This was our first REAL sick moment together. As usual emotional NEW mommy wondered was she ever snuggled, cuddled and given loving baths all through the night. Why do I think about it? I am so happy I could jump, skip, hop, and RUN to Cupcake's every need. She is so sweet, loving, and accepting of every kiss. Every little drop of love she gets she returns ten folds. I beg her not to give me anything. Just to wake in the morning to receive her smile, or watch her grab my legs as she sprints to me when I get home is so PRICELESS. Two and a half days of a whiney, crying, uncomfortable, and frustrated baby may have petrified me this time last year but I felt privledged to have my sweet little Cupcake all snuggly and lovey to nurse back to health. Today she was faking being better so I didn't take her out. She was trying so hard to be well, smile, and play but she just couldn't function without a little sleep.

Today was the first morning I wasn't there when she woke. It was WAY MORE difficult than expected. Unfortunately I had to leave for court by 8:15 and she didn't wake until TEN. YES TEN! Sleeping beauty always likes to sleep but she has had some serious beauty rest during recovery.

Bad news no pics. Neither one of us are fit for the camera but hopefully this weekend will bring normality.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No. 12

After having a wondeful lunch with Lizzy, Tracie, and Jordie...We headed to our first time to KINDERGARTEN! I mentioned before in the other blog we visited my mother's 4th grade class but I may not have mentioned my mother teaches kindergarten too. Oh BOY did Cupcake have a blast! Also my mother's children are so sweet! We can't wait to visit again!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

No. 11

Arriving in the US on March 10th, we celebrated 2 months home with Cupcake yesterday. We had so much fun and I think she did too!

I will post a bunch a pics from yesterday and Wednesday but it is now 8:45am so I am going to wake Little Cupcake so we can go on a shopping marathon to get stuff for Sunday lunch and cards and presents Mother's and Grandmother's.

Have a Happy Mother's Day and a Wondeful weekend. I know no matter what this will be the BEST Mother's Day in this household!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

No. 10

Today was the first day we were bottle free. Cupcake didn't seem to mind to much. She loves Special K with strawberries, spaghetti O's with meatballs, yogart, fruit, and FRITOS. I can not believe my child is eating so much JUNK! My mother NEVER fed us junk. I do try to make fresh veggies, and chicken in the blender but NO WAY!!! I am just so happy to see that she realized she has teeth and can swallow. A matter of fact we have Early Intervention coming on Thursday for her evaluation but this was my main concern. The past week I have seen her change so much. She is more expressive! The girlie diva attitude is in 3rd gear gear, and the personality is sparkling. Sometimes she seems like such a 12 month old but other times she is such a big girl.
When I put her to bed we slow dance for a song or two to Baby Einstein's Mozart. When we get near the end I hold her straight in front of me whispering sweet dreams to her. When I said I LOVE YOU, she gently puckered and kissed me. It was so cute I started to tear. Of course she will give me kisses ANYTIME I ask but after we me saying I love you so many times after she kissed me- it triggered the most special kiss EVER! OK- I am just so goo goo gah gah for my little Cupcake. If I tell her she a few more times she is the most perfect baby in the world and she can do nothing wrong- She may start to believe me, LOL.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

No. 9

It was a big week for Cupcake. I wish I found a minute to blog more often. I still can't figure out where the time flies!

Monday We met my friend Margaret for a walk in the park in the early AM. I went to work for a couple hours. I started working at my father's office. She barely knows I am gone. After I put her down for a nap I RUN. I come home about 2 hours after she wakes. Marco and Soledad are here so she has fun!

Tuesday we went to lunch with my Grandmother and took Cupcake for her first ToysRUs outing. She had fun but we had a better time. She started to take a nap on one of her toys so it was time to go. Thanks for the cartful of toys Grandma. Want to take me to a jewelry store next week?

Wednesday we went to the new park near our home. It was reall nice but she pulled this crying stuff when it was time to go so I asked her if she was joking and kept walking to the car. Oh yeah- since she is the BIG SHOT walking girl she likes to run further when I call her but she loves to hold hands too.

Thursday we ran around shopping and it was the first day we had only ONE bottle for a meal (breakfast). We went to play with Sophia and her new puppy. Uncle Daniel came in to play and meet Cupcake for the first time so this weekend was going to be FILLED with shopping.

Friday- Of course we shopped all day with Uncle Daniel. We played outside and went shopped a bit more!

Saturday we went to Best Buy (YUCK!) but Dad really likes it. After we all went to Bertucci's for pizza and Cupcake played with her ravioli. I think the BEST part of going out to eat (even though I do prefer to cook) is Cupcake can destroy the floor and I don't have to scrub it again, lol.

This morning Cupcake had her first Birthday party at "My Gym." Her girlfriend Irenee turned 2. She didn't want pizza, cake, or to sit adn the circle and play games but she would NOT get off the trampoline so it is time for Mommy and Daddy to buy one- 911!

First trip to ToysRUS-
Going for a walk with Sophia-
Having a good day at Sophia's House-

Spending Irenee's Birthday on the trampoline-