Monday, May 7, 2007

No. 10

Today was the first day we were bottle free. Cupcake didn't seem to mind to much. She loves Special K with strawberries, spaghetti O's with meatballs, yogart, fruit, and FRITOS. I can not believe my child is eating so much JUNK! My mother NEVER fed us junk. I do try to make fresh veggies, and chicken in the blender but NO WAY!!! I am just so happy to see that she realized she has teeth and can swallow. A matter of fact we have Early Intervention coming on Thursday for her evaluation but this was my main concern. The past week I have seen her change so much. She is more expressive! The girlie diva attitude is in 3rd gear gear, and the personality is sparkling. Sometimes she seems like such a 12 month old but other times she is such a big girl.
When I put her to bed we slow dance for a song or two to Baby Einstein's Mozart. When we get near the end I hold her straight in front of me whispering sweet dreams to her. When I said I LOVE YOU, she gently puckered and kissed me. It was so cute I started to tear. Of course she will give me kisses ANYTIME I ask but after we me saying I love you so many times after she kissed me- it triggered the most special kiss EVER! OK- I am just so goo goo gah gah for my little Cupcake. If I tell her she a few more times she is the most perfect baby in the world and she can do nothing wrong- She may start to believe me, LOL.


Lea said...

That is so sweet. She is such a cutie pie. They really do steal your heart away. Our little Ben also had issues with chewing food when he first came home. He has caught up really quickly though and is doing great now, after 3 months home. I'm sure she will catch up quickly also.

kate said...

what a wonderful, happy, hopeful post. kiss her for me, too.

Christen & Frank said...

Glad to hear you are so happy! :) It's really refreshing to read. Truly.

About EI - Do you think everyone who adopts should consult EI no matter what age you bring them home? Did you do this by choice or was it recommended by your doctor? Just curious... remember I'm a beginner.... trying to learn as much as I can when the opportunity arises. :)