Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No. 17

Cupcake and I are leaving tomorrow for Florida to visit Grandma. We are almost ready to have a little fun in the sun with Aunt Reesy too.

When I went to get the mail there was this little box. In the box there was this most adorable bow with a CUPCAKE button. Thanks again Tracy! Tracy is on the blogroll under "Rhyne & Jake." I am waiting to see if there is a website with her great bows. When I get it I will post it.

The funniest thing is it completely matches Cupcakes outfit on the plane so when I return I will post the whole outfit!


Debbie said...

Too cute! Have fun in Florida.

Jenni said...

OK, so that bow is ADORABLE!

Have a great time in Florida!

Laura said...

Awesome pix! It was great seeing you guys! Cupcake is such a sweety.
Love the bow.
Have fun in Florida

Christen & Frank said...

that's really cute - she made it? good job Tracey!

ps - I always hear / see bloggy friends mailing each other things.... how do you find addresses? do you just give it out to friends who ask? just curious....