Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No. 42

Second day of school was a little different. Cupcake was a bit clingy as I left her this morning but she did great. I call in on my lunch break which is her nap time so the teacher is so kind to fill me in on what she has done, and how she is doing.

Everyday they provide a report of what your child has eaten, what activities they engaged, and what books were read.

When I arrived this evening she was chasing and popping bubbles after she came in from the playground. Cupcake was thrilled to see me and I was even more excited to see her.

When we came home she ran up and down the hallway like a NUT! We had dinner & bathtime. Cupcake picked out a book and went NITE NITE quicker than I could write this post.

Two more days of class for me. Hopefully Friday I will be able to spend a few hours in her classroom.

No. 41

Will you believe I do not have more than a second so I will probably have to finish this post Friday but I have to tell...Yesterday Cupcake cried when I came to pick her up as she didn't want to leave. I teared when I dropped her off as she kissed me good bye and waved to me. There was no time for drama since I had to hurry to my exam.

Anyway- Guess what the theme of her classroom is this year....THE BAKERY!

We walked in and they handed her a plastic Cupcake. When I picked her up her homework included a cut out of a Cupcake for us to do a collage of pictures of our family.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

No. 40

Surprise! Monday morning will be Cupcake's first day at school. I just got home from collecting a pack of diapers, wipes, a blankie, crib sheet, and a LUNCH BAG. Oh my!

We weren't prepared for this so soon. Next week will be 6 months home. After having a wonderful Nanny for 6 months who happen to give us notice (last minute), we decided we want more stability than a Nanny can provide. It was great for a beginning but Cupcake is ready to rock. She loves playing with other children. We feel quite confident this will be a fantasic decision. Of course this is in theory. I am sick in my gut because I am already suffering from seperation anxiety after 4 days of class.

Living as a retiree for a few years has taught me a lot. I am so ready to get back to reality. I just wish Cupcake could remain glued to my hip. Even though we had a Nanny I only disappeared at nap times and quick errands. She primarily took care of the house.

Friday afternoon we went to check out the school. It is a posh curriculum for a two year old but my mother informed me they all talk talk talk. However the facility is huge, beautiful, and offers more than one could imagine. From swimming to music to art I think Cupcake will be well occupied.

Have a good weekend!

So, this is one of those happy and sad moments. Sadly I won't be able to take her to her first class as I can not miss a class but I will be picking her up A S A P.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No. 39

Reality is exhausting! To all of you who wake up super early drop your kids to school, go to work or school, pick your child/ren from school, cook dinner, and tend to your spouse...you are quite amazing.

I am on Day 3 of leaving at 7:30am and not returning until 6 pm. The Nanny is here by 8 (when Marco leaves), my mother is here by 2 to greet Cupcake when she gets up from her nap.

When I get home I am so tired. My excitement to see Cupcake and hers to see me is so amazing. We just have such limited time to have dinner, bathe, and play before nite nite time for Cupcake, and Homework time for Mommy.

This is a good experience. The class is only 6 more days so no complaints here. Certainly I feel so grateful to have so much help! I just miss Cupcake TERRIBLY!

Here are a couple of pics from the playground. Cupcake loves blowing kisses to the camera.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

No. 38

Atlantic City was a blast last weekend. Cupcake just loves the beach. When we arrived we changed into our beach attire and moved the party to the beach. We returned with a playful Cupcake. She went to dinner with us at our usual 8pm and hung in there until 10:30. You didn't see a nap in this schedule because she never closed her eyes for a minute. We took her to bed about 11pm and voila now I could enjoy the evening with hubby and our friends. OK- I was exhausted like never before because never before did I have my toddler at a casino. On Thursday (a week ago) I was feeling a stye in my eye but nothing visible. After the beach a full blown red golf ball emerged from my eye. Suglasses at dinner was attractive & the camera rarely appeared! (Monday I was at the hospital to see my doctor.) I needed clearance too to go the other hospital because on Sunday morning our friends K & D gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with the same name as our daughter so welcome " Little Cupcake."

I know some are super hung up on schedules but I am super hung up on having her with us as much as possible. Having my mother & Larry with us makes it so easy. Just won't be possible all of the time.

When we returned from AC...We found out my grandmother fell when she returned from Cupcake's party but didn't want to bother us but her pelvic area was hurting terribly. Tuesday my mom left for Florida. Since she was gone all week I haven't seen the computer much! Grandma is recovering in a rehab center, mom cooked her a full menu so her freezer is stocked, and all the goodies she wants from the house will be delivered to her room before mom heads home tonight.

Cupcake is just starting to take an interest in talking. She is saying about 10 words. She has the cutest little voice. This week the word is UH OH..UH OH.....She loves to drop something and say "UH OH" or if the dog drops the ball or if I drop the keys. I must say she kept me laughing and smiling through a week.

Also we had a special guest for most of the week. Cousin Samantha came to play. What a wonderful help Sammie was to have in the house. Most importantly Cupcake LOVES her. We took a ride to Dutch Wonderland, 2 trips to mygym, a little shopping, and a trip to the 31 flavors.

Last night we did dinner at my dad's & Leslie's. I never knew there was such a great playground at the corner so the girls took a nice walk after dinner and we played on the playground.

The BAD NEWS...I need to take a class. The best way for me to take it is crammed into 2 weeks. Starting Monday I will have class from 9-5 for 2 weeks in Columbia, MD which will take about an hour each way to I will gone for 10 hours a day. I will not see little Cupcake for 10 hrs a day. I guess I am going to get another box of kleenex because I think I am going to DIE! Week one not so bad since my mom will be here but week two Mom goes back to work. ARRRGGHHH- I know only two weeks!

Many pics to post....they are coming!

Friday, August 10, 2007

No. 37

Happy 5 Months home! Here is Cupcake...Last one off the dance floor last Sunday. From chasing balloons to trying to line dance with the big girls she didn't stop for hours.

Today she went on the pottie for the first time so we were doing a pottie dance and Marco gave her a balloon.

We just finished packing our bags to leave for Atlantic City. Old habits die hard. Now we just have to get a second room for my Mom & Poppy!

Monday we have to Fedex a our PPR so it isn't late for Russia.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

No. 36

As usual I am about 10 days behind. I just can't figure out time management with Cupcake because I just want to play with her and her toys all day!

Nono, Nona, Cupcake, & I went to Dutchwonderland 2 weekends ago. We met Tiger & Prince there too but all the good pics were taken with the waterproof disposable. Cupcake is signing "more" for more duck food but Mommy ran out of quarters so we headed to more rides.

The next day I gave Cupcake her first pedicure while we sat on the potty. Yes! She handed me the little potty seat to sit on the big potty so while I made sounds to encourage her to go potty I polished her toes.

When we returned from Russia our friend Kate, who we miss so so much, sent this cute Hanna Anderson outfit. I called Kate in March to tell her it was so cute but I think it will not fit her until she is 4. Well Kate, I was wrong! It may be getting short soon. I just love it!

After ,we headed to a really cute birthday party. They stuffed monkeys with cute t-shirts that said HBD to the birthday girl. One of my mother's little girls from her kindergarten class invited Cupcake. She had a great time.

This past week we played and spent most of our time swimming so I will not bore you with anymore swimming photos but she is doing so well in the water.

By the end of the week we were at the doctors with a fever. Originally I thought Cupcake was developing some sort of allergy. She was scratching her nose until there were scabs, YUCK! Then came the fever so we stayed in for a couple of days.

This past weekend we went to another party for the 40th of a relative. There are some cute pics of Cupcake circling her grandparents while they dance but I just don't have patience for blogger this evening.

Tomorrow Nono & Nona leave for Italy. After three wonderful weeks it is time for then to return home. We will miss them!

This morning started with doggie accidents and bad attitudes from big bad DAD as he was about to strangle the dogs. BOY DID THEY DESERE IT! I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what they did in Cupcake's playroom. I don't even remeber the last time they behaved this way. To say the least our Nanny spent the day disenfecting every nook and cranny. The room looks great but following this episode the BAD NEWS...

She is moving on after 6 months of working for us. If she works for her university our good old government will give her a visa. We can't compete with this one. She has been so lovely to have in our home but more importantly Cupcake adores her.

The good news..Nona (grandma) says she can come back for a few months to help us until we figure out our life. However we know this is limited to the 3 month visa. After she unpacks she can repack and turn around- We feel so lucky!

Today was a MONDAY! Looking forward to Tuesday! (Can you believe they are 68 & 70?)

This is one of Cupcake's yummy smirks...Yum & Yum Cupcake!