Thursday, January 31, 2008

No. 60

One month later I am posting the BEST Christmas of our lives with a quick follow up on New Year's. Since I am home sick I figured I would use this opportunity to finish up 200SEVEN. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what life was like before Cupcake but who the heck would want to imagine life without my daughter. Calm as usual Cupcake approached the tree with interest. After opening books, socks, undies, Elmo's, and other misc toys we revealed the big ONE! The Kitchen. Everyday she still enters the play room going directly to the kitchen. She loves make believe! With Nana she is a baby, with Poppy she is an airplane, and with Mommy....She is the BOSS! Where is Daddy in this mix? He is such MUSH it is RIDICULOUS! You know the "bowl of mush in "Goodnight Moon" this is Cupcakes' Daddy!

No. 59

Walking into the Baltimore Aquarium, trying to catch her boyfriend who came to visit from NY...
I can't resist but to share this photo before I try and catch up with Christmas Morning & New Year's. Cupcake and Baby L (they are so NOT Babies) were hanging out posing at the Baltimore aquarium two weeks ago.

Last Friday Cupcake & I hopped on the accela to NYC. We met up with 2 blogger friends and there were 4 Russian babies who all came home in 2007. New train pics, sushi pic, and group pics coming soon!

Last night we had our 1 yr post placement report with our SW. We always enjoy her visit. We have seen her 3-4 times in the past year and now we won't see her for a year.

The time ticks much faster every year you age!

SO much has changed in the past two weeks. Our hands are so full with little girl opinions! She is really trying to catch up on the talking curve, physically she is climbing like a 5 yr old. She is so small I have to supervise. We go so high I could throw up! I found myself shoving her along as I was having anxiety to get off of this crazy climbing aparatus at Port Discovery-Children's Museum in MD. Should of followed Aunt JoJo onto the the stairs!

This past weekend we 9Cupcake and Baby L) met Monkeygirl, and Alexander at the Children's Museum in NYC. All four kids had such a blast. What a great place for 2 yr olds!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Friday, January 18, 2008

No. 58

Late as usual on the posting but this time is really late. Christmas eve I picked Cupcake upi from school. One of her favorite teachers who likes to do her hair helped me get her dress so we could get to our dinner party. I wish I had a picture of Cupcakes' face when she saw the indoor pool. We went to Kathy & Bernie's house. I have had Christmas Eve dinner at their home since I was born. After Santa came on the fire truck, Dr Bernie said a prayer, Cupcake took one more run to see Santa, and we dined on the balcony (indoor) overlooking the beautiful pool. Cupcake got really CRAZY hyper for the first time. I quickly put on her coat and was time to go!

In the same neighborhood, around two corners, was another baby celebrating Christmas for the first time. A very special baby! We just had to go spend sometime with Maria, Jeff, & Baby Tyler! The children really enjoy each other. They play together, run together, laugh together. This just topped off the night. For Cupcake just pulling into their house so beautifully decorated with Christmas lights was such a treat.

THREE hours later we arrived home. I can't believe it is a 11:30 and I have to wrap the gifts. I wrapped her gifts, put them under the tree, snapped a pic, and finally fell asleep.

Hopefully I will be able to update with Christmas morning before Vvalentine's Day!