Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No. 64

This or That? When we walk through Nordstrom's to the cafe I can't help myself but to play dress up. Before any silly comments come across, Cupcake really likes it too. As she grabs for things you do not hear a bunch of NO's like the other moms. I try it on her, take it off, and put it back. Sometimes we take a pic as Cupcake loves to look at pics together.

We meet 3 other Mother's and 5 kids for dinner Saturday. We are a party of ten at 5ish at the Cafe. Nordstrom's Cafe is very kid friendly. Not only were the kids enjoying htemselves but they were so good all we could talk about was how amazing it was to dine with 4 two year olds, an 8 yr old, and an 8month old.

Apparently a guest didn't feel this way. The baby yelped for 20 seconds as her mother prepared a bottle to feed her. Before our eyes this 50ish yr old CRAB walks over to tell us how annoying it is for her to have to hear our children. OMG! BLAH BLAH BLAH. This woman is now not popular amongst our table. SO the manager walks by while the plans and plotting of what to say to this woman is in the works.... Quickly I repeat teh story to the manager and request that she notifies the guest to please contact management if there is any problems opposed to addressing other guests.

GUESS WHAT? She offered us beverages and desserts as she felt terrible that we felt rushed out. TWO THUMBS UP TO NORDSTROM's!!!!

Or these?
This is what we do while waiting for our grilled cheese...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No. 63

No. 62

Happy Valentine's Day Cupcake!


Mommy & Daddy
(Our first post on this blog is from Feb 15, 2007- which was our first day together as a family after court on the 14th)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

No. 61

24 NEW PICS...

3 in one post today, last night, and last month in NY.

OMG OMG OMG- Today we have been Cupcake's parents for ONE YEAR!!! It is a very Happy Valentine's Day in our household. If you are looking for MUSHY TEARS go to "Our Adoption Journey." This blog is about our life together. So many friends, places, and fun things to tell...

This photo is Cupcake SCREAMING "Love you Mama" before we left for school today

Last night Cupcake's school had Pajama Night. All the kids left school around 5 and came back at 6:30. Each classroom had am activity. her room is the "Bakery" so they decorated cookies but I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures. The #2 had cars & trucks tatoos. Then there was a playdoh , sand box, stampers, cars & mats, and doorhangers & signs, obstacle course. Finally, the story telling rooom (the library) with a real Curious George & Clifford the Red Dog.

Finally, The BIG BUBBLE BATH to wrap up a perfect night!!!

Number 3...Our first train ride to NY. See all of hte SUperstars we hung out with in The Big Apple. Special guests include Baby L, Monkey Girl, The Czar, and Cupcake!
We played with Mr. Lizard & Mr. Frog for 2.5 hours. Cupcake even shared her Teddy Grahams with them.

When we arrived in the City we took a taxi to visit Monkey Girl & Susan

A quick visit to the Children's Museum since they are closing in 30 minutes...we will be back!!! How cool Monkey Girl's neighbor is THE CHILDREN"S MUSEUM!
Two days later we returned for a double date with Baby L & THE Czar

The boys finished their project and back to The Children's museum we all went....

They all loved the indoor playground...

Learning the power of AIR really interested Cupcake
THE Czar took Cupcake for a ride on a MTA bus (limo next time, please...)
Baby L & Cupcake found the Sand Station ...
This was my all time favorite. A life size Lite Bright board. Did you love Lite Bright when you were a child. All four kids liked the lights!

The worst part for the girls was leaving....