Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Love the Summer, Recap Summer 2012

Before we left for the summer 20 girls and Mom's joined us for a Spa Day for an early 7th Birthday celebration (the first of 3)
Goodbye America!

A few more months before we leave I start brain washing the routine for the plane ride...Dinner, movie, nite-nite Cupcake!  IT WORKS!

She woke up as we arrived in Italy- This is the "Are you for real face?" How can they not have fruit loops or cinnamon toast crunch-  SHE SURVIVED!

Cousin Ana came to the airport- Fruits Loops is no longer a problem!

Ok, Cupcake, you got what you want- after a long 24 hours of getting ready to leave, heading to Philly, boarding the plane, deplaning the dysfunctional US Airways flight 718, waiting for 5 hours for a new plane to arrive, and arriving 4 hours late, we managed to pull off finding our suits and getting to the beach IMMEDIATELY upon request!

While your mom is half dead trying to recover, your uncles and dad are the heroes.

For the first time your American Grandparents FINALLY showed up for a great summer visit!

When you don't remember, everyday but 2 out of 79 days all of us made sure you were on the beach!  By the way, Cupcake is a Beach Addict- A real life BEACH BUM!

If you aren't convinced that our apartment is to accommodate your every wish Marina Park is in our backyard.  All of the sudden our backyard at home looks a bit shabby!

Whatever it is - you little creatures find fun about running in a ball like a hamster- the fun is for us to laugh while we watch!

Out of 79 days, I only had one wish- this was to go to the Island of Giglio-  The Concordia deserved a moment of silence for the lives lost 100 years after the Titanic.


Thank you Maia- you made Cupcakes 2 weeks in Mallorca the best ever! 

For the 2 days she was without Maia- Dad was the sub

Bye-Bye Mallorca- we love your crystal blue waters and sunny skies!

NEXT STOP:  Barcelona

Walking the streets of Barcelona is a museum- taking pics were so much fun.  Barcelona deserves its own entry.  From Tapas Bar Bike to the beaches- we walked until we passed out but enjoyed every minute!  I miss you my pitcher of Sangria, you brightened every evening and tasted heavenly with every dinner!

Dad, Here is a message to you:  When mom says take a stroller because my little legs can't walk for 6 hours or you will be carrying me- you may want to believe her!

After visiting the cockpit with the pilot for a few minutes (and a few great pics)- Here is the chat:

Are we really back in America?  Yes Cupcake, we are here.  Mom, Could you please drop me off at Lilly's so I can play while you and daddy unpack and do your things.  NO CUPCAKE, you can help us and play another day.  There will be plenty of time to play!  ...SURPRISE  - Lilly was at the airport to pick you up- AND your mom can keep a surprise!

As soon as I get unpacked and comfy at home I will pack your bags again for one last hoorah with your girls!

O.C., MD- How could I not take her for one last weekend to a beach with her friends?  I am crazy!  I think they were having fun...

What do you do at the beach on a rainy day?  Ice Skating?

There is the quick recap of the summer that passed us by more quickly than we would have wished.  It was filled with so many adventures,  family, and so many friends old & new.

Cupcake, thank you for being the most amazing traveller.  You just completed your 17th roundtrip flight!