Sunday, July 29, 2007


Cupcake loves her Poppy. Poppy is my mother's husband. After seeing her at a friend's house on a swing & seeing her bawling when she was taken off, he decided to build a little swingset for her. He worked hard in the heat for Cupcake. My parents spend an enormous amount of time with Cupcake.

Marco's family lives in Italy so they do not get to spend the same amount of time with Cupcake but let me share with you a few pics as I did when her uncles were here last month. When they are here, they are all about family time, quality time, and ALL ABOUT CUPCAKE. "Nono" (grandfather) does not miss a waking second with his grandaughter. He loves her to the core. He speaks, reads, and plays with her until she passes out (at 70, you would think he would pass out with the way they play).

He doesn't miss a meal or an activity with Cupcake. When he went shopping (which he rarely spends money) he bought 2 picture frames for me to put pictures for him to hang when he returns to Italy. He marveled in her Maryland State Birth Certificate since he knows this means we can now get her passport so she can come visit him.

They enjoy one another. I enjoy watching them. It brings back the wonderful memories of my grandfather who loved me to death! It has been a long 3 years without him! I am so happy Cupcake has 3 loving grandfathers!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No. 34

The last Hoo-RAHH as Cupcake's birthday ends this evening. Tiger & Prince gave her the Happy Birthday Hippo that sings.

Today the last gift came from a special friend. What an exquisite Madame Alexander doll! "The Russian Ballerina" I do not even know what to say...Thank you for the special treasure! I know Cupcake will grow up to appreciate her beauty.

My mother baked Cupacke the same Bunny cake she made for me when I was 2. She also cooked dinner for the 7 of us, brought it over, adn served us with motherly love as ALWAYS! Thanks Mom! Everyday I wish I can give Cupcake everything you gave to me! Spending this evening together was really special!

Tonight Cupcake blew out her birthday candles AGAIN with such happiness. It is so cute when she sticks her fingers right into the cake and licks the icing off!

Hmmm... What is she going to think when she wakes tomorrow and doesn't hear her "Happy Birthday" song?

No. 33

Dear Cupcake:

Today is your BIRTHDAY! You are 2 years old. You are simply an incredible daughter. We are so proud of you and proud you are our daughter.

Nana stayed home for a few hours to bake a cake. The same bunny cake she baked for me when I was 2.

Today you let me know you do not need me to feed you your cheerios, you do not want a bottle, and you will let me know when you are ready for a nap by walking to your crib.

You are a such a BIG GIRL @ 2!



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No. 32

First- A special "THANK YOU" to all of our friends and family who made Cupcake's 2nd Birthday Party the best day EVER!

A very very special "THANK YOU" to our friends and family who traveled so far to be part of this celebration.

We just want all of you to know how much we appreciate your love, friendship, and support.

Just a few pics until I get organized. Most of all the "people" pics we just got back yesterday on disk from all of the desposable cameras on the tables. Last minute I had to run to the store and found 18 dozen of these colorful daisies. After we picked up the U-Haul to get the 200+ balloons. Two grandmothers, two grandfathers, the best Aunt, and a mom & dad finished the last minute decor until the party began.

Twenty-three beautiful kids (12 from Russia) , about 95 guests in total from noon until 10pm, a fabulous caterer, and an absolutely DELIGHTED BIRTHDAY GIRL made for a perfect day. Ahhh--ONE REALLY BIG SURPRISE from a super awesome terrific Dad. I had NO CLUE about the clown, magician, and face painter but my husband out did himself with this huge surprise. Everyone loved the show, the kids were goo- goo for the painting, and it just topped off the most perfect day with more fun & laughter!

After lunch we did the "happy birthday" to a beautiful tier of 40 cupcakes.

After dinner we did a BIG "happy birthday" to Cupcake!

Tomorrow Cupcake will officially be 2.

Friday, July 20, 2007

No. 31

Thursday evening the tent was delivered & set-up.

Cupcake received her first birthday gift from a blogger friend. Thank you Macy...Cupcake can't stop playing with the magnetic doll. When I put her milk in her regular cup, she walked away into her playroom to get the one you sent to her!

In the midst of a million details to be completed by noon tomorrow, we took Cupcake to get her picture in her Birthday Dress...

So..Nono and Nunzia arrived yesterday from Italy. Aunt Reesy flew after Grandma so we plan on waking early so we are all ready for Cupcake's day of fun. We are expecting about 12 Children from Russia. We are excited to see all of you.

Monday, July 16, 2007

No. 30

Cupcake is now accostumed to watching me run back and forth through the hallways of our home to locate sunglasses, cell phones, wallet, and a lipstick. She is patient and funny. All she wants to know is "Are you ready yet?" and "How many pics must we take before we leave?" Here is what I have to say to you Cha-Cha..."for the millionth time this week I will tell you I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I COULD YUM YUM YUM YOU all day! You are so well-behaved, you are so FUNNY, and I will be Kookie for the rest of yoru life!" Most importantly this is the last of your 1 yr old pics. Next week...How old are you going to be? TWO! Good Girl!

Ok, Dada...I will try to pretend to let you think you are hiding from me but you look silly in PINK!
"I guess Tyler didn't want to hang with me @ the Panda Party!"
"I am a big girl so I will go alone."
"Ok, Tyler take me for a ride..PLEASE!"

After 15 minutes (if that) they evacuated the water park because of a lightening storm so Cupcake was locked up in her stroller. Protesting?
Melissa brought Bam-Bam & Pebbles for a visit...
They played in water, water and more water...
They kissed "BYE-BYE" (please look at their cute little hands)
Nana & Cupcake at MyGYM class (my mother has to go so I can take pics!)

Friday, July 13, 2007

No. 29

Keeping Cupcake's social calendar is a FULL-time job. Inbetween swimming twice a day, mygym classes twice a week, playdates, and planning her Birthday Bash I am almost exhausted. Did I mention Marco's family is on their way for the Birthday Celebration so we will again have company for 3 weeks (even though they are not really company it is still more people to entertain).

Here are the plans if I survive the final details:

Noon on Saturday Cupcake's Birthday celebration will begin with Veggiepower, turkey club, and roast beef & swiss wraps. An assortment of sides and snacks with juice boxes & water. About 40 adults and children will be swimming and playing. We will wrap up the afternoon with a lively "happy birthday" song over a tier of 40 Cupcakes (what else?)

At 4 pm the tent will come to life with appetizers (coconut chicken with a mango chutney, swedish meatballs, asparagus & brie in filo wraps, & fruit.

The dinner party for about 75 lovlies will include a spread of chicken marsala, rice pilaf, lasagna, salad, assortment of breads, and a 3 tier surprise cake.

Flowers, balloons, goodie bags, linens, etc are in check!

Here is what I do not have done the music:

Any and all suggestions for day and night music would be fantabulous. I need to be able to down load off the internet to the ipod for our sound system.

So there you have it. Cupcake, Nana, and I have been planning the Birthday Bash! Next week PICTURES in the birthday bathing suit and birthday dress!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No. 28

Oh Cupcake- In 4 months home you have become more spectacular everyday. Your sense of humor makes me laugh more than one could believe. When you make your silly faces I can't stop cracking up. Your swimming like a fish, you love to play with everyone. You share incredibly well. The compassion you show when you hear babies crying is so sweet. Your puppies love to see your sparkling face every morning. Your Nana & Poppy think you are the cats MEOW.

Your Mommy & Daddy have a hugging and kissing addiction to you too. You are the sunchine in our everyday. We love you so much!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

No. 27

ONE WEEK AGO...(so I am a bit behind) After blueberry waffles & a packed bag we went to meet the Prince & Tiger at Dutch Wonderland in PA. The kids had so much fun and so did Laura & I.

Sunday we woke and went back with Cupcake's girlfriend Irenee. Thursday we went back with Tyler. More pictures to come. Our whole week was basically "Dutch Wonderland Week."

Cupcake is growing, changing, developing opinions (sometimes too many), and acquiring a crazy good sense of humor. She just cracks me up all of the time. Her yummy kisses and belly laughs rock my world in a way I could never have imagined.

I am still exhausted, not in as good of shape as my almost 2 year old, and have not mastered getting pretty (define:taking a shower, doing my hair, make-up, and getting dressed) as quickly and efficiently as I need with a toddler. Solution: ponytails, jeans, and T-shirts!