Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No. 32

First- A special "THANK YOU" to all of our friends and family who made Cupcake's 2nd Birthday Party the best day EVER!

A very very special "THANK YOU" to our friends and family who traveled so far to be part of this celebration.

We just want all of you to know how much we appreciate your love, friendship, and support.

Just a few pics until I get organized. Most of all the "people" pics we just got back yesterday on disk from all of the desposable cameras on the tables. Last minute I had to run to the store and found 18 dozen of these colorful daisies. After we picked up the U-Haul to get the 200+ balloons. Two grandmothers, two grandfathers, the best Aunt, and a mom & dad finished the last minute decor until the party began.

Twenty-three beautiful kids (12 from Russia) , about 95 guests in total from noon until 10pm, a fabulous caterer, and an absolutely DELIGHTED BIRTHDAY GIRL made for a perfect day. Ahhh--ONE REALLY BIG SURPRISE from a super awesome terrific Dad. I had NO CLUE about the clown, magician, and face painter but my husband out did himself with this huge surprise. Everyone loved the show, the kids were goo- goo for the painting, and it just topped off the most perfect day with more fun & laughter!

After lunch we did the "happy birthday" to a beautiful tier of 40 cupcakes.

After dinner we did a BIG "happy birthday" to Cupcake!

Tomorrow Cupcake will officially be 2.


Lisa said...

How cool! I've been checking often since Saturday, anxiously waiting to see the photos. Sure looks like everyone is having fun! I'm so glad Cupcake's big day went so well. xo Lisa

kate said...

Fantastic! I was thinking of you both and wishing I was there...

Mwah! Sticky, cupcakey kisses!

JennStar said...

I love it! So glad she had such a fabulous birthday!! The cake looked beautiful! And I love the cupcake tower!!! A perfect birthday celebration for a perfect little cupcake!!

Christen & Frank said...

Marco is the best! How very cool! Looks like a lot of fun and a great celebration for Cupcake :)

Lauri said...

That looks like it was one Amazing party... You guys know how to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Cupcake