Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No. 34

The last Hoo-RAHH as Cupcake's birthday ends this evening. Tiger & Prince gave her the Happy Birthday Hippo that sings.

Today the last gift came from a special friend. What an exquisite Madame Alexander doll! "The Russian Ballerina" I do not even know what to say...Thank you for the special treasure! I know Cupcake will grow up to appreciate her beauty.

My mother baked Cupacke the same Bunny cake she made for me when I was 2. She also cooked dinner for the 7 of us, brought it over, adn served us with motherly love as ALWAYS! Thanks Mom! Everyday I wish I can give Cupcake everything you gave to me! Spending this evening together was really special!

Tonight Cupcake blew out her birthday candles AGAIN with such happiness. It is so cute when she sticks her fingers right into the cake and licks the icing off!

Hmmm... What is she going to think when she wakes tomorrow and doesn't hear her "Happy Birthday" song?


annmarie said...

Oh there's another gift! It's just taking a few extra days. Check that mailbox!

Christen & Frank said...

That's so sweet.

And can I just have a moment to say that the outfit with that adorable little hat/flower is OUT of this WORLD! Good choice Lauren :) Having a little girl must be so much fun!!!

Laura said...

Happiest 2nd birthday Cupcake!!