Thursday, January 1, 2009

No. 75

No. 74

Happy New Year's 2009!

What an amazing experience it was to see the skies in Southern Italy.  Never had I seen such a display of fireworks.  Describing it is impossible but the skies were bright for hours.  The sounds were like a war.  The first few minutes I flinched, almost dropped the camera, and felt uncertain about the safety of all of us.  Unlike home this is not an organized display with permits, lol.  We are in between the mountains and the water with views of both.  Every town, village and city lights up the skies at midnight for about an hour.  

Cupcake wanted more.  I was hesitant she would be scared (maybe because I was?)  The year started yesterday with this sudden burst "I'm Hungry," which we rarely ever hear since eating is her least favorite activity.  Five small yogarts, bread & cheese, an apple, an orange would usually be two days of food but this was a snack over two hours after she woke yesterday.   When nine o'clock came it was time to sit for dinner.  She left to watch a movie and returned two minutes later saying she was ready for dinner. So she sat and said no no no no and no.  First course was a calamari, scungilli, and other gems from the sea tossed in olive oil basil with lemon.  Second course was a pasta mixed with a similiar pesci (fish) combo.  Third course was a plate of swordfish, shrimp (with the eyeballs), and a whitefish of some sorts.  Next was egg type of pasta stuffed with a ricotta & funghi mixture (this was really tasty).  The side of grilled vegetables were great too.  We never made it to the next course which is the most traditional Italian meal on New Year's which is something with pig and lentils but I am sure Catia will stuff us with it today.  So after all of the "No's" Cupcake wanted her Panettone  (traditional cake like bread with or without raisins and other dried fruits.  After the midnight celebrations a bowl of corn flakes for a late night snack.

Cupcake's Italian leaves me speechless.   Simple things she can respond in Italian like good morning, good night, I want to eat, manners, and I need help.  As we venture out meeting more and more children I see she understands them a bit better and responds in English not realizing they do not understand her until I remind her.  She is aware Nono (grandfather) will tell Nona and Nona will only speak to her in Italian (no choice).  The other night we went out.  Since she wouldn't wake we left her with Nona.  When she woke she asked Nona for cookies and milk to dunk.  I can only imagine how many times she asked and desperately used her sign language but no luck.  Finally an exhausted cupcake says to Nona Just give me Latte & Panettone....the way the story was told to us when we returned had all of us laughing!

Today we are off to get into a little trouble!