Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year !!!

Watching them grow...

pics coming

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another great weekend in NY- Thanks Papa Leif, Jojo and LL & Leila

My sweet little Cupcake. Watching her grow with her "Best Boy in the World" (her nickname for her BFF- has been so much fun. After every visit to NY we return with great memories and great photos. WOW - how they have grown together!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Monday, September 28, 2009

All Grown Up!

Quick Hello to Everyone! We have been so busy getting in all of our last minute "SUMMER FUN" dates and getting ready for Pre-K that I haven't had much to time to spend blogging. However, we do

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Cupcake!

Happy 4th Birthday!  35 4 year olds, 45 adults, a moonbouncer, slip N' slide, swimming pool, and a most beautiful sun shiney day = a very happy 4 year old!

Why does it take a week to post...Recovery time!  The next post will show you what happened 24 hours after the Birthday event as we were hit by a storm leaving a mess that is still not completely cleaned up.

                                                                     The Birthday Girl
                                                             The Little Mermaid Cake
The Uncles
                                                              The Party Planners
                                              A quick dip in the Hot Tub before the pool...

                           The Baby Moon Bouncer, Big Moon Bouncer, & the slip N'slide
                                                                The loving couple 
                                              The beautiful Cupcakes designed by NANA

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is the "CLASSIC CUPCAKE"  I am telling you...  She is getting very sneeky as she approaches 4 yrs old!

I wanted to do a quick Happy Father's Day since I am not a week late YET.

We had a great day.  My father stopped by for breakfast and the three of us spent the day laying around doing NOTHING but playing with the dogs and swimming in the pool.

After we took naps we got dressed to go for Sushi.  I do not know how many couples take their 4 year olds (almost four) to dinner at 8 on a Sunday night and follow up with desert at our favorite Italian hang out so we can play Botchi with Cupcake but getting home at 11:30 was no sweat for her.

Tomorrow is the BIGGEST day....

Marco and Cupcake are on their way to Bermuda for a Daddy & daughter weekend.  This will be the first time we are separated for more than one night.  I will miss them.  I will enjoy the quiet time.  I will her CRAZY. I am so happy they are so excited for their excursion together.

As much as I will miss them...I am on my way to see Kathy Griffin about 4 hours after they leave tomorrow so this will cheer up my first night solo!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So we were hanging out by the pool on Sunday.  It was nice quiet time-just the two of us.
Unfortunately, my phone rang for work so I was distracted for about 5 minutes.  When I looked over Cupcake was chilling out reading her book.  Just as I was doing a few moments before the dreaded ring.  So here was the conversation:

Mom:  Cupcake want to take a dip?

Cupcake:  Nah- we just took a dip and I am drying in the sun

Mom:  Ok, do you want to do something (waiting to hear-  THE SWING)

Cupcake:  Mom, I just want to chill out and read my princess book.

Mom:  Is it a good book?

Cupcake:  Yeah, I am relaxing

Mom:  I know Sweetheart, it is nice to have quiet time.

Cupcake:  Mom, I appreciate it.

Mom:  What do you appreciate?

Cupcake:  I love you Mom.

Mom:  I love you too.  Can I take a pic of you chilling out?

Cupcake:  I have sunscreen in my hair.

Mom:  You can't see the sunscreen, so can I snap a quickie?

Cupcake:  Do I look gorgeous?

Mom:  You always look gorgeous!

Cupcake:  You too Mom.  One picture, k?

Mom:  Thanks Cupcake

Here is my one pic....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Pics...

SO I am starting to feel lazy by posting pictures and not saying much.  

I guess I must confess...there are times I flip through the blogs and I look 

at the pics.  Not because I am not interested in what you are saying but I 

love seeing how all of our children have grown, changed, and evolved from 

little creatures to little people.   All of you with protected blogs please invite 


My cool little Cupcake likes to have imput on what she wears.  This is a new thing.  New things seem cool for the MOMENT.  I am not quite sure what triggered her brain to care if she wears Hello Kitty or Elmo on her booty, more annoying clogs vs. sneakers, and then the hair up or down.  Endless opinions these days.  I find us engaging is long conversations leaving me  walking away shaking my head, laughing, almost in tears, and in deep thought.  DID I DO THIS TO MY MOTHER?  Boy, I know the answer.  Then I find myself LOL because I know I am so lucky!  Then I feel like calling my mother to say I AM SO SORRY!

Making decisions and having opinions are important.  My mother gave me so much freedom to make so many mistakes I mean decisions.  At the end of the day if it makes Cupcake so happy to wear her BLUE Hello Kitty panties I am so happy to allow her to do so.  I am not sure yet why we have to talk about her panties from when she wakes until I drop her off at school but I will guess this will be like every other topic-  it lasts for a few days and then a new one comes along.

Next time we can talk about BLUE.  What is your daughter's favorite color if you have Pinkitis?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Cupcake- you make me the happiest mommy in the world! Without you I would never be able to smile everyday! You are a sunshine!!!

A special wish from me & Cupcake to my 92 year old grandmother who is an amazing lady!

My mom & Cupcake's NANA- (if I put your age there won't anymore posts)- We love you!

To all my special friends who I share a bond of motherhood- Have a beautiful day!

Lastly- This will be THE most special Mother's Day for JB who will be inflight to Russia on Mother's Day weekend to legalize the adoption of their daughter.

***Anyone who has any Marriott Miles they would like to donate to assist in the hotel room for their adoption-please email me.***

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009


I can't help myself...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

#80 OMG!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Cupcakalicious weekend.  As usual I am so behind on our life I am hoping to get to Easter pics on out of my camera and online before Christmas comes.  

This weekend we did our Cupcake Converse Shoes...Kind of Cute?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No. 78

We have been busy having fun.  Our good friends came down from NY to hang out before they get ready to leave for Russia.  The kids were crazy cute. It really neat to hear them sitting around talking.  3 yrs old is much more fun then 2yrs old!  

The next weekend we decided to do another baking cupcakes with the girls day... purple and blue was a fun day!

Cupcake's Bo came down from NY for another fun weekend.

we went down to our condo on the water to take a peek. 

Baltimore's Famous Crab

The girls came over to do a Blualicious & Purplicious cupcake day with Cupcake.  They had a blast making some pretty cool cupcakes.  These cupcakes were the BEST tasting ever!  Thank you DH white cake mix, DELISH!!!