Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The ENDLESS B's...

B...BEHIND on the my favorite posts starting in February. Everyone who knows us well knows the 14th is my favorite day of the year. I never miss a post on GOTCHA!

B...Birthday my next favorite post is Cupcakes's Birthday. Happy 8th Birthday!!!

B...Broadway welcomed Cupcake with her pic in Times Square on the Billboard and a Broadway show. CINDERELLA! She loved it!

B...BEAR, we welcome Bear Nana & Poppy's new pup into the family.

B...Bozo who Cupcake and I were so excited to add to our aquarium. ADD another B for BUT...he is a bully. The post on Bozo will explain.

This summer was filled with beaches, birthdays, and boogie boards. To top it off....BIG CHANGES as I predicted in my last post of 2012. 

Now we embark on our new life JUST THE TWO OF US! Tomorrow will be Cupcake's first day of school. She is so excited to be a 2nd grader.

Our cousins first visit from California celebrate Cupcakes Birthday!

                                                        Nana's Special Cake for Cupcake
                                                    I can't bake so we went to Broadway!

                                          Cupcake was 7 and 2 minutes later she was 8!

                                                    Wow a new attitude at midnight!
                                                                 Bear's Best Friend

                                                             Bozo the BIG BULLY!

                                                    Beaches with our BEST FRIENDS!

The follow up posts to follow soon!!!

Love you Bunches Cupcake!