Saturday, October 27, 2007

No. 52

Hello from New York-

I finally worked on a post from the past ten days but with Blogger having upload issues the post was quite boring without cute pics.

We met Poppy & Nana for breakfast so Nana could help us finish a list of errands without diverting to more fun things.

First, Cupcake went to the Post Office for the first time to send a very important package to our friend & Blogger friend Lisa. Cupcake and I sorted through all of her clothes and shoes to find there were many great things to pass along to Lisa's little ones' who will be on their way home soon. Finally the Huggie box sitting in the back has made it on its way to Texas.

After we went to Toys R Us to pick out some B-Day gifts to bring with us to NY this weekend. Mission Successful! Daddy surprised Cupcake at the toystore so they played while we shopped.

After running to Target, Drycleaners, Wegman's, Toy R Us, USPS, and Pannera we head home for lunch and a nap.

Great Day? Could it get better?....I get an email asking what would I be doing for lunch on Tuesday? Many of may not know but LUNCH WITH THE GIRLS could be the title of my book. I love lunch with girls. Lisa & I met in Baltimore for lunch. After 14 months it was so great to meet! Lisa, our visit was so special. I am so glad you were to spend so much time with Cupcake and I !

Now we are in NY. Yesterday we met another special blogger pal but i will continue with all of the NY post when we return!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

No. 51

As usual I am catching up on the past week. We had a couple of cold days so we bundled up to go play outside but we also had a couple of hot days. Cupcake went to the BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art for lunch with Nana, to the zoo with Papa (my father) and myself. Friday Night (last week we went to the Baltimore Aquarium with our friends.

Cupcake had a great week at school. A big Congrats to HEIDI in the UK who will be on their way to Russia next week. Can't wait to hear from you when you return!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No. 50

Thank you Note to Korea:
Mommy: Where is Pineapple Princess?

Cupcake: "DUNNO", But I love my dress THANK YOU SO MUCH, XOXO! I tried to email you but NO LUCK!

Monday, October 1, 2007

No. 49

Warning: No Pics this Post but coming soon!

Thursday, my mother watched Cupcake so I could work. In the evening they were playing on the trampoline. Cupcake fell in an awkward way so we ended up with our first trip to ER. She clearly doesn't like strangers (this new) so when the nurse did registration, the next one took vital signs, and the next took us to X-Ray...CUpcake hooped and hollared. I tried laughing, throwing her in the air and swinging her inbetween my legs to diffuse her. A combination worked well. She did well and the doctor gave us a clean bill of health with the usual "give her motrin and / or Tylenol for comfort."

Friday we planned a fun filled day at Dutch Wonderland. Maybe if I had a little common sense I would have checked the schedule to see "weekends only" but luckily the great outlets are located across the street so we did a bit of shopping, lunch and a long ride home in traffic. We went with our friends Crystal, Garrett, and baby Alayna. Traveling in style in their Mommy Mobile meant the kids watched Nemo, Robots, and a few other flicks I have never heard. Next weekend we will try again.

Saturday Marco and I decided to have an adult evening since we haven't been able to get out for his Birthday. Warning to all new parents who like to go out and a couple drinks...unless yoru sitter or parents are staying the next day too....TAKE IT EASY! So we partied like rock stars and I could not get it together on Sunday. Thankfully Nana and Poppy wore Cupcake out the night before so she had a nice long long nap with Mommy. When I recovered we did our usual outdoor activities followed by a big long bubble bath and s few nite nite stories.

Today we woke up early for breakfast with Daddy headed to work and school. Since school was closed on Th and Fri last week I am having abit of seperation anxiety. Gosh I miss my little Cupcake!

All about Cupcake...She is her usually happy, humorous self. She is making great efforts to speak all of the time. She signs and speaks. As her speech is more clear she seems to naturally drop the sign. Her new thing: Loves to sit on my make up table and have hair done..SUCH THE DIVA!