Monday, April 30, 2012

Is it May?

Ok, I have 2 days until Mom's Birthday,  13 days until  Mother's Day, 20 days until Cupcake's Party (having 2 months early since we are leaving for the summer), 24 more school days waking at 6 am, and 30 days until we leave for the summer.

All I can think is HOT PINK & Zebra for her party!

I will post some party preview pics this weekend.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break?

We aren't big planners but the commercials for The Atlantis broke us down in February so we decided to go for Spring Break in March. We went before baby and it was one of our favorite trips. It is a quick flight, and a great resort. If you love water like Cupcake, it is endless hours of many pools and beaches. Since it was spring break, there was never a moment she couldn't find kids her age to play. We got back last week. School is now closed Thursday until Tuesday, I thought last week was Spring break?

The night before we left, her top tooth was hanging. The second night it fell out and now...she looks like a big kid. The pics look like a daddy & me trip - I am just the family photographer.

Anyway- 2 thumbs up for a great family place! Swimming with the Dolphins was Cupcake's favorite activity! Being 48 inches could of been the only thing to make her trip better. She didn't like not being able to go on all of the slides and not so crazy about wearing a vest for the rides they let her go on- but overall it was a week of BIG SMILES and lots of laughs!