Wednesday, October 29, 2008


On our way into NYC on Thursday. We got to hang out with Aunt Reesy who flew in from LA for work but found a weekend to go shopping with the girls. Accidentally we were the first in line at Macy's Herald Square when they were about to cut the ribbons for Macy's 150th Birthday. The first 150 people got $15 COUPONS so we got them but the balloon was the prize of the day for Cupcake. After our weekend we stopped by Cupcake's boyfriend's house for the night before catchiingour flight home. They had a blast. From bubble baths to rockin' music they laughed and played until they crashed. What a blast!

Friday, October 3, 2008

No. 69

Surprise, We are here with pics to share. Here is a little of Cupcake's 3rd birthday. Winter is coming quickly so I want to catch up a bit before Christmas. We are having a blast. Cupcake is doing well in school. I never could have imagined a year ago she would be where she is today. Food is always an issue for me not here. She is perfectly happy eating mac'n cheese or cereal 24/7 but I feel changes happening there too. Instead of making it a big deal I have given here enough mac n'cheese for the past 6 months to make me sick. Finally- She doesn't want it! What can I share...She is a healthy, well adjusted 3 yr old who greets everyone with hugs & smiles. Her speech, motor skills, and whatever else is at age level or above. She is loving and sweet all of the time. Gosh has she changed my world more than I could have imagined.

BIG KISSES, Lauren & Cupcake