Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No. 78

We have been busy having fun.  Our good friends came down from NY to hang out before they get ready to leave for Russia.  The kids were crazy cute. It really neat to hear them sitting around talking.  3 yrs old is much more fun then 2yrs old!  

The next weekend we decided to do another baking cupcakes with the girls day... purple and blue was a fun day!

Cupcake's Bo came down from NY for another fun weekend.

we went down to our condo on the water to take a peek. 

Baltimore's Famous Crab

The girls came over to do a Blualicious & Purplicious cupcake day with Cupcake.  They had a blast making some pretty cool cupcakes.  These cupcakes were the BEST tasting ever!  Thank you DH white cake mix, DELISH!!!


Nikki said...

Aw, I love the chef outfit :)

Nikki to help children in the DR and Haiti... and get a great looking blog!

Diana said...

awwww!!! 2 cute!! cant wait 'till she gets older to see more pics!!