Monday, March 2, 2009

No. 77

OMG what a blizzard we had today!  It was Cupcake's first real snowstorm.  As much as I do not like the outdoors or hanging out in the cold, I pulled out my ski pants and the three of us headed outside for a long & cold family day of clearing the driveway, and BUILDING OUR FIRST FAMILY SNOWMAN!  Oh and when we were all finished Cupcake pulls the scooter out of the garage to ride around too.  

Like a good mom should do,  I got her nice and warm so we could snuggle with a great big cup of hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows!  Then she crashed out and I am sitting here waiting to see if she is gong to wake for dinner...

Yesterday was a "Pinkalicious"  day.  Since we read the book, live in it, and wear it...Jackson, Cupcake, Nana and I made it a "Pinkalicious Day!"  We had a great time.  From beginning to end check out our pink cupcakes.

After Cupcake had pinkitis (pink all over her arms, face and fingers), ate a bunch of pink cupcakes, and got pink icing all over the house she took quite the bubble bath!

Daddy pulled out the dryer and played beauty shop with her.

Lots of pics!

Jacksom, Nana, & Cupcake prepping

Cupcake sampling

Our PINK batter & PINK icing
First Batch 

The Artista

Cupcake's Creation
My cupcake designs
Jackson's Bakery
A gift box of cupcakes for a friend...
Bath Art

Cupcake went to check herself in the mirror before hitting the snow

The Dogs were awaiting Cupcake's Arrival

We were about to go in but Cupcake said she had to get something from the garage...

A Very Pink and Happy Cupcake!

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JEN said...

Very Cute...have to read the book to CQ EVERY NIGHT. Do you know there's PURPLISHIOUS too? Not the same, but a fun follow-up.
Cute Cute Cute!!!!