Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Pics...

SO I am starting to feel lazy by posting pictures and not saying much.  

I guess I must confess...there are times I flip through the blogs and I look 

at the pics.  Not because I am not interested in what you are saying but I 

love seeing how all of our children have grown, changed, and evolved from 

little creatures to little people.   All of you with protected blogs please invite 


My cool little Cupcake likes to have imput on what she wears.  This is a new thing.  New things seem cool for the MOMENT.  I am not quite sure what triggered her brain to care if she wears Hello Kitty or Elmo on her booty, more annoying clogs vs. sneakers, and then the hair up or down.  Endless opinions these days.  I find us engaging is long conversations leaving me  walking away shaking my head, laughing, almost in tears, and in deep thought.  DID I DO THIS TO MY MOTHER?  Boy, I know the answer.  Then I find myself LOL because I know I am so lucky!  Then I feel like calling my mother to say I AM SO SORRY!

Making decisions and having opinions are important.  My mother gave me so much freedom to make so many mistakes I mean decisions.  At the end of the day if it makes Cupcake so happy to wear her BLUE Hello Kitty panties I am so happy to allow her to do so.  I am not sure yet why we have to talk about her panties from when she wakes until I drop her off at school but I will guess this will be like every other topic-  it lasts for a few days and then a new one comes along.

Next time we can talk about BLUE.  What is your daughter's favorite color if you have Pinkitis?


Susan said...

Hey there, girl - I just happened to check in on your blog for the first time in a while, and I'm LOVIN' the cool, gorgeous Cupcake pics!! (I'm reading what you have to say, too) :-)

For the record, the Monkey's far and away favorite color is BLUE.

Mike & Lisa said...

Lauren - I have not been good about posting or checking blogs for sometime now. It was GREAT to see so many pictures of Cupcake - she is growing into such a darling young lady. She is a very lucky girl! Lisa