Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So we were hanging out by the pool on Sunday.  It was nice quiet time-just the two of us.
Unfortunately, my phone rang for work so I was distracted for about 5 minutes.  When I looked over Cupcake was chilling out reading her book.  Just as I was doing a few moments before the dreaded ring.  So here was the conversation:

Mom:  Cupcake want to take a dip?

Cupcake:  Nah- we just took a dip and I am drying in the sun

Mom:  Ok, do you want to do something (waiting to hear-  THE SWING)

Cupcake:  Mom, I just want to chill out and read my princess book.

Mom:  Is it a good book?

Cupcake:  Yeah, I am relaxing

Mom:  I know Sweetheart, it is nice to have quiet time.

Cupcake:  Mom, I appreciate it.

Mom:  What do you appreciate?

Cupcake:  I love you Mom.

Mom:  I love you too.  Can I take a pic of you chilling out?

Cupcake:  I have sunscreen in my hair.

Mom:  You can't see the sunscreen, so can I snap a quickie?

Cupcake:  Do I look gorgeous?

Mom:  You always look gorgeous!

Cupcake:  You too Mom.  One picture, k?

Mom:  Thanks Cupcake

Here is my one pic....


Christen and Frank said...

Can you say D-I-V-A!? haha. Love it!

karen said...

Hi Lauren
She is so adorable and a little character too!!! Hope we can get together soon.

Susan said...

That's hilarious...she is too freakin' much!