Monday, July 16, 2007

No. 30

Cupcake is now accostumed to watching me run back and forth through the hallways of our home to locate sunglasses, cell phones, wallet, and a lipstick. She is patient and funny. All she wants to know is "Are you ready yet?" and "How many pics must we take before we leave?" Here is what I have to say to you Cha-Cha..."for the millionth time this week I will tell you I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I COULD YUM YUM YUM YOU all day! You are so well-behaved, you are so FUNNY, and I will be Kookie for the rest of yoru life!" Most importantly this is the last of your 1 yr old pics. Next week...How old are you going to be? TWO! Good Girl!

Ok, Dada...I will try to pretend to let you think you are hiding from me but you look silly in PINK!
"I guess Tyler didn't want to hang with me @ the Panda Party!"
"I am a big girl so I will go alone."
"Ok, Tyler take me for a ride..PLEASE!"

After 15 minutes (if that) they evacuated the water park because of a lightening storm so Cupcake was locked up in her stroller. Protesting?
Melissa brought Bam-Bam & Pebbles for a visit...
They played in water, water and more water...
They kissed "BYE-BYE" (please look at their cute little hands)
Nana & Cupcake at MyGYM class (my mother has to go so I can take pics!)


kate said...

LOVE the white dress (she looks so BIG--she's really grown), the smushed nose and the goodbye kiss. How cute is she?

I can just picture her watching you run around getting ready to leave. Too funny.

Christen & Frank said...

Those are some very cute pictures!!

LOVE the white summer dress. Very stylish.

Those chubby little nubbin' fingers, while they hold hands is just too much!

Clearly, Marco is smitten. It would take a lot of love for Frank to squeeze himself into a girlie, pink tube like that! So cute.

And can I just say that it appears Cupcake has a good sense of humor. That pic of her smooshing her face against the stroller window is one of my all time favorites of all the pics I've seen! :)

JennStar said...

The photo of Cupcake in the stroller is so stinkin' cute!! What a funny little girl!
And personally, I think Marco looks simply smashing in pink! It's his color!!

KrazyMom said...

She seems to be so good natured! What a little cutie! Hope your parties all went well.

Denise :o) said...

I can't believe she's going to be two already!!!!!!

LOVE the pic of the girls kissing and holding hands. You need to blow that one up!

Looks like you are having a blast being a Mommy!! :o)