Friday, July 13, 2007

No. 29

Keeping Cupcake's social calendar is a FULL-time job. Inbetween swimming twice a day, mygym classes twice a week, playdates, and planning her Birthday Bash I am almost exhausted. Did I mention Marco's family is on their way for the Birthday Celebration so we will again have company for 3 weeks (even though they are not really company it is still more people to entertain).

Here are the plans if I survive the final details:

Noon on Saturday Cupcake's Birthday celebration will begin with Veggiepower, turkey club, and roast beef & swiss wraps. An assortment of sides and snacks with juice boxes & water. About 40 adults and children will be swimming and playing. We will wrap up the afternoon with a lively "happy birthday" song over a tier of 40 Cupcakes (what else?)

At 4 pm the tent will come to life with appetizers (coconut chicken with a mango chutney, swedish meatballs, asparagus & brie in filo wraps, & fruit.

The dinner party for about 75 lovlies will include a spread of chicken marsala, rice pilaf, lasagna, salad, assortment of breads, and a 3 tier surprise cake.

Flowers, balloons, goodie bags, linens, etc are in check!

Here is what I do not have done the music:

Any and all suggestions for day and night music would be fantabulous. I need to be able to down load off the internet to the ipod for our sound system.

So there you have it. Cupcake, Nana, and I have been planning the Birthday Bash! Next week PICTURES in the birthday bathing suit and birthday dress!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is your cake from the Charm City Cakes? I wish we could be there it sounds like a real blast! Happy Birthday Cupcake!
Kristin, Jim and Klaire

Laura said...

We can't wait!!!! We are counting the days!

jenbat said...

My son LOVES Ralph Covert, Ralph World. He has a CD in the childrens section of Target. We love to listen to it and so does everybody else. He used to be in a band O was quite fond of in my youngerdays. Give it a listen. We bought all the cds they sell at potterybarn kids- they are FAB for a party. Great mxes for young and old. LOVE THEM! Have a blast, but dont be surprised if she likes the boxes better than anything else. We did it big when mine turned 2 and I am so glad I did. It was mostly for me to say we are here and we made it and thank everybody for being there and get ready for the next 20 years!! FUN TIMES- get them while they are in season! (not that we have seen a season without- just have fun)

Christen & Frank said...

sounds like tons of fun to me!

As far as music goes, I would just search iTunes for some party albums. You can usually find more than what you need.

JennStar said...

Happy Birthday Cupcake!!!! I can't wait to see all of the fun that you had on your very 1st birthday with Mommy & Daddy!!