Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No. 41

Will you believe I do not have more than a second so I will probably have to finish this post Friday but I have to tell...Yesterday Cupcake cried when I came to pick her up as she didn't want to leave. I teared when I dropped her off as she kissed me good bye and waved to me. There was no time for drama since I had to hurry to my exam.

Anyway- Guess what the theme of her classroom is this year....THE BAKERY!

We walked in and they handed her a plastic Cupcake. When I picked her up her homework included a cut out of a Cupcake for us to do a collage of pictures of our family.



Lisa said...

If ever there was a sign... you just got one!

Type (little) a said...

My daughter acted like that when she first started daycare, too. She would be Mommy Who? when I dropped her off, and "Woman why are you kidnapping me" when I picked her up.

I know it hurts, BUT soon it will flip flop and she'll cling to your leg when you leave, and run to you at night. I promise. It's just new to her.

Debbie said...

Well that should be an easy project!!
Sorry the first day was tough for you. I hope it gets easier.

kate said...


Christen & Frank said...

That is strange. Very cool! :)