Saturday, August 18, 2007

No. 38

Atlantic City was a blast last weekend. Cupcake just loves the beach. When we arrived we changed into our beach attire and moved the party to the beach. We returned with a playful Cupcake. She went to dinner with us at our usual 8pm and hung in there until 10:30. You didn't see a nap in this schedule because she never closed her eyes for a minute. We took her to bed about 11pm and voila now I could enjoy the evening with hubby and our friends. OK- I was exhausted like never before because never before did I have my toddler at a casino. On Thursday (a week ago) I was feeling a stye in my eye but nothing visible. After the beach a full blown red golf ball emerged from my eye. Suglasses at dinner was attractive & the camera rarely appeared! (Monday I was at the hospital to see my doctor.) I needed clearance too to go the other hospital because on Sunday morning our friends K & D gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with the same name as our daughter so welcome " Little Cupcake."

I know some are super hung up on schedules but I am super hung up on having her with us as much as possible. Having my mother & Larry with us makes it so easy. Just won't be possible all of the time.

When we returned from AC...We found out my grandmother fell when she returned from Cupcake's party but didn't want to bother us but her pelvic area was hurting terribly. Tuesday my mom left for Florida. Since she was gone all week I haven't seen the computer much! Grandma is recovering in a rehab center, mom cooked her a full menu so her freezer is stocked, and all the goodies she wants from the house will be delivered to her room before mom heads home tonight.

Cupcake is just starting to take an interest in talking. She is saying about 10 words. She has the cutest little voice. This week the word is UH OH..UH OH.....She loves to drop something and say "UH OH" or if the dog drops the ball or if I drop the keys. I must say she kept me laughing and smiling through a week.

Also we had a special guest for most of the week. Cousin Samantha came to play. What a wonderful help Sammie was to have in the house. Most importantly Cupcake LOVES her. We took a ride to Dutch Wonderland, 2 trips to mygym, a little shopping, and a trip to the 31 flavors.

Last night we did dinner at my dad's & Leslie's. I never knew there was such a great playground at the corner so the girls took a nice walk after dinner and we played on the playground.

The BAD NEWS...I need to take a class. The best way for me to take it is crammed into 2 weeks. Starting Monday I will have class from 9-5 for 2 weeks in Columbia, MD which will take about an hour each way to I will gone for 10 hours a day. I will not see little Cupcake for 10 hrs a day. I guess I am going to get another box of kleenex because I think I am going to DIE! Week one not so bad since my mom will be here but week two Mom goes back to work. ARRRGGHHH- I know only two weeks!

Many pics to post....they are coming!

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