Tuesday, August 7, 2007

No. 36

As usual I am about 10 days behind. I just can't figure out time management with Cupcake because I just want to play with her and her toys all day!

Nono, Nona, Cupcake, & I went to Dutchwonderland 2 weekends ago. We met Tiger & Prince there too but all the good pics were taken with the waterproof disposable. Cupcake is signing "more" for more duck food but Mommy ran out of quarters so we headed to more rides.

The next day I gave Cupcake her first pedicure while we sat on the potty. Yes! She handed me the little potty seat to sit on the big potty so while I made sounds to encourage her to go potty I polished her toes.

When we returned from Russia our friend Kate, who we miss so so much, sent this cute Hanna Anderson outfit. I called Kate in March to tell her it was so cute but I think it will not fit her until she is 4. Well Kate, I was wrong! It may be getting short soon. I just love it!

After ,we headed to a really cute birthday party. They stuffed monkeys with cute t-shirts that said HBD to the birthday girl. One of my mother's little girls from her kindergarten class invited Cupcake. She had a great time.

This past week we played and spent most of our time swimming so I will not bore you with anymore swimming photos but she is doing so well in the water.

By the end of the week we were at the doctors with a fever. Originally I thought Cupcake was developing some sort of allergy. She was scratching her nose until there were scabs, YUCK! Then came the fever so we stayed in for a couple of days.

This past weekend we went to another party for the 40th of a relative. There are some cute pics of Cupcake circling her grandparents while they dance but I just don't have patience for blogger this evening.

Tomorrow Nono & Nona leave for Italy. After three wonderful weeks it is time for then to return home. We will miss them!

This morning started with doggie accidents and bad attitudes from big bad DAD as he was about to strangle the dogs. BOY DID THEY DESERE IT! I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what they did in Cupcake's playroom. I don't even remeber the last time they behaved this way. To say the least our Nanny spent the day disenfecting every nook and cranny. The room looks great but following this episode the BAD NEWS...

She is moving on after 6 months of working for us. If she works for her university our good old government will give her a visa. We can't compete with this one. She has been so lovely to have in our home but more importantly Cupcake adores her.

The good news..Nona (grandma) says she can come back for a few months to help us until we figure out our life. However we know this is limited to the 3 month visa. After she unpacks she can repack and turn around- We feel so lucky!

Today was a MONDAY! Looking forward to Tuesday! (Can you believe they are 68 & 70?)

This is one of Cupcake's yummy smirks...Yum & Yum Cupcake!


kate said...

LOVE the toes, the pigtails and WOW has she grown!!

Miss you madly, luvie. Am so not excited about school next week. Wish I could come play. Kisses to C!


Debbie said...

She looks so tiny in the picture with the stuffing monkeys. The toes are too cute!!!
Sounds like you're very very busy.

Lea said...

Very cute little toes! Nice little pedi mom. Bummer about the nanny, when cupcake is so attached to her. Hopefully you can find another good one that she will like a lot.

I can't believe how much she has grown! She is such a cutie!

kim said...

I love the toes! She is so cute.

No, I cannot believe they are 68 and 70. Wow.

Christen & Frank said...

Okay those two look HOT for that age! She may have better legs than I do :) And can I just say that I love that you chose to paint her toes RED. Love it!