Saturday, August 25, 2007

No. 40

Surprise! Monday morning will be Cupcake's first day at school. I just got home from collecting a pack of diapers, wipes, a blankie, crib sheet, and a LUNCH BAG. Oh my!

We weren't prepared for this so soon. Next week will be 6 months home. After having a wonderful Nanny for 6 months who happen to give us notice (last minute), we decided we want more stability than a Nanny can provide. It was great for a beginning but Cupcake is ready to rock. She loves playing with other children. We feel quite confident this will be a fantasic decision. Of course this is in theory. I am sick in my gut because I am already suffering from seperation anxiety after 4 days of class.

Living as a retiree for a few years has taught me a lot. I am so ready to get back to reality. I just wish Cupcake could remain glued to my hip. Even though we had a Nanny I only disappeared at nap times and quick errands. She primarily took care of the house.

Friday afternoon we went to check out the school. It is a posh curriculum for a two year old but my mother informed me they all talk talk talk. However the facility is huge, beautiful, and offers more than one could imagine. From swimming to music to art I think Cupcake will be well occupied.

Have a good weekend!

So, this is one of those happy and sad moments. Sadly I won't be able to take her to her first class as I can not miss a class but I will be picking her up A S A P.


Ani said...

good luck to you both on cupcake's first day of school!
as a BTDT mom, i totally understand how anxious you are, but most probably - she'll LOVE it from the minute she walks in :)

jen said...

I'm right there with you! I am lucky that my mom comes to my house for CQ, but it's still not the same. School started last week and I'm now teaching 8-4 daily. Expect for some regression(behavior especially) after week 1. If it happens then you'll be prepared, if not...consider yourself lucky! :)I made sure to tell CQ each night that mommmy was going to work and on the first day, when my mom woke her up, she said "Mommy at Work" they do remember!
Cupcake will do great and so will you, you'll both just need an extra million kisses a day...that's all!

Lisa said...

Let us know how it went?! Hope everything was great. I bet Cupcake enjoys being around the other kids... she seems pretty social. Can't wait to hear!