Saturday, May 19, 2007

N0. 13

How appropriate to be entry #13! Oh where, oh where has my little Cupcake been all week? Wednesday late afternoon Cupcake had BRIGHT PINKY cheeks and by nighttime had 103.5. Oh my- someone forgot to tell me sick babies are no fun and NEED so much love. This was our first REAL sick moment together. As usual emotional NEW mommy wondered was she ever snuggled, cuddled and given loving baths all through the night. Why do I think about it? I am so happy I could jump, skip, hop, and RUN to Cupcake's every need. She is so sweet, loving, and accepting of every kiss. Every little drop of love she gets she returns ten folds. I beg her not to give me anything. Just to wake in the morning to receive her smile, or watch her grab my legs as she sprints to me when I get home is so PRICELESS. Two and a half days of a whiney, crying, uncomfortable, and frustrated baby may have petrified me this time last year but I felt privledged to have my sweet little Cupcake all snuggly and lovey to nurse back to health. Today she was faking being better so I didn't take her out. She was trying so hard to be well, smile, and play but she just couldn't function without a little sleep.

Today was the first morning I wasn't there when she woke. It was WAY MORE difficult than expected. Unfortunately I had to leave for court by 8:15 and she didn't wake until TEN. YES TEN! Sleeping beauty always likes to sleep but she has had some serious beauty rest during recovery.

Bad news no pics. Neither one of us are fit for the camera but hopefully this weekend will bring normality.

Have a Great Weekend!!!


Maggie said...

How wonderful that, when Cupcake is sick, you're remembering the time she didn't have someone to comfort her and attend to her. What an excellent mom you are.

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear Cupcake has been sick, but glad to hear she is on the mend!

Hope your weekend is better. I have a weekend of yardwork planned! I realize this might not be most people's idea of fun, but it is mine!

Joanne said...

Hello...I wanted to say that I've read bith your blogs and enjoy them very much. I posted about them over at Forever Parents

Take care, Joanne

A Special Family said...

Hope she is all better soon :)

Christen & Frank said...

Sorry to hear Cupcake was sick ... glad she's feeling better. Can only imagine how great it feels to have her come running to you ... guess there's no attachment problems in your home ;)

hopingforgirl said...
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hopingforgirl said...


apparently Blogger won't let you delete a post and just have it be gone, and seeing "this post has been deleted by the author" could lead to some suspicions... :P

i had only posted that i saw the cutest toddlerware dish set at Babies R Us today, with a cupcake theme, only to see after posting that you have a picture of it below if i only had scrolled... so nevermind!! ;)

you're on it!! ;)

i picked this set up today for my future "cupcake" as i thought it was soooo cute :)