Monday, May 21, 2007

No. 14

Here are the pics first for a change, lol.

We made it to MONDAY! A little runny nose, a cough, and big smiles but we have made it! SO what do you do with your sick child...Well my husband thought putting her in the trash can ( a new one )would be funny. Yes, she thought it was funny. I almost had a heart attack. As I go to take the picture she stands up and almost falls over with the trash can. Luckily Dada to the rescue. He caught her, I almost cried, and she laughed her booty off!
Her PONYTAIL- Do you see it is flopping over? There is no more signature Cupcake tail standing straight up!
Everyday I am seeing her grow so fast I am amazed. The past week her play has even changed. She goes right to her play area, does her stacker, a puzzle, and her magnadoodle without me putting them in front of her and helping her. She used to need me to hold the stacker, show her where the puzzle pieces go, and place the magnadoodle pencil in her hand. My independent girl is doing so fantabulous. I might cry as soon as she doesn't need me to pick her up to put her in the tub. Then I will lose alot of status in her book!


jeneflower said...

I am glad to hear that she is doing so well! Those pics are great! Pineys pony tail is flopping too. Sigh. It is fun to see the progress they make and the things they learn!

Debbie said...

She has grown. I can tell in the pictures other than her hair.

Glad she's feeling better.

Joanne said...

I love that first photo. LOL How cute!

Joanne at Forever Parents

Christen & Frank said...

as usual the pictures are adorable. good idea Marco, that picture turned out so cute!

Glad things are going well.... my blog is retarded lately... I am still reading yours even if mine is being moody....

kate said...

I love the waterfall effect that the antennae has taken on. ;> Is she well? You last post made my heart hurt for her.