Monday, May 28, 2007

No. 16

What a fantabulous weekend! Maria brouhgt over baby Tyler, and Laura & Rich brought over the Prince & Tiger. Andrea, Mario, and Baby Nic stayed for the weekend. Four super happy families couldn't help but notice all of the miracles in the room. It was so great to see how awesome they all played, ate, and LOVED to find their Mommy's!!!

Next Big bash- July 21st for Cupcake's Birthday. ANy Blogger Buddies in and around town (MD), Send an email for an invite!

Hope you enjoy our pics!!!

When picture time was over...the 2 hams were still posing! Baby Tyler and Cupcake are real camera shy!!!

The water babies couldn't get enough!!! Tiger & Cupcake finish up to head out for a popsicle!
The popsicle ATTACK on Tiger! Cupcake is ALWAYS posing!

The Mommy's attempt of a group photo!
A follow up to the KISS...they went in for a nap. Sleeping beauty wouldn't sleep which is funny because she always sleeps and Baby Nicolas is nevr keen on the nap thing..HAHA!

After naptime we dressed them for a photo shoot...

Cupcake decided to nap while Nic decided on whether on not he was going to participate in the photo shoot....


Kristen said...

I think it's great that all of you have found a friendship in each other. All the kids will grow up having someone that's close to thier age with similar backgrounds. How cool!!

Esther said...

Cupcake is the cutest little kid in the world!!!! She is absolutely darling ;o)

Christen & Frank said...

too cute! amazing to see all of them together! great idea! :)

Starfish said...

Yep, still adorable!