Saturday, June 16, 2007

No. 22

So Cupcake is in heaven as all three of them dote on her every move, giggle, and demand. She has all three wrapped around her tiny pinkie! The boxes came, the three of them got the tools, and made it happen quickly. Of course when you have Cupcakie running from rim to rim scarring the heck out of you, the pressure to get the enclosure is outrageous. If I could only post the video of her tantrum! Finally Daddy said TAKE HER! I am always the bad guy taking her out of the bath, pool, hot tub, and NOW the trampoline. The neighbors are going to think I beat my child!

After we came home from lunch daddy put Cupcake where she was aching to go...Back on the tramp.



Muriel Elrod said...

I have followed your blog for a while now (I found it through Dawn) Your daughter is precious.

JennStar said...

Whew-hoo for the trampoline!!! Cupcake does look like she is in 7th heaven!!

Christen & Frank said...

Cupcake is a lucky girl :)

I always wanted a trampoline and was never allowed one as a kid. I told Frank the first thing I want when we buy a house is a trampoline. Yes, I'm an adult. Yes, it will probably never get used after the first day (until we have children). Yes, I am a dork. And no, I don't care.... I'm still getting one :)