Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today Marco brought in the mail as usual. He handed me the BIG YELLOW ENVELOPE. I smiled and handed it back to him to open carefully since carefully and Lauren do no usually go together. Cupcake's Certificate of Citizenship arrived. After I edit her name and personal info I will post it.

Today was the first day I have felt like myself but it looks like Cupcake and I need to get X-rays to clear us for pneumonia. We should know by next week.

Our daughter is WALKING! Really walking. She is walking so much she is wanting to eat more too.

Most of you may or may not know but Cupcake protests food as she is addicted to her bottle. Do you know how many people want to give me advice on why I shouldn't hold her like an infant and feed her? TOO MANY!!! The past week she has been super adventurous. She has eaten a few bites of banana, strawberries, mac & cheese, PB&J, and mashed potatoes. She doesn't enjoy it but she is exploring. It just isn't enough to call it a meal so after we play around she gets her big PHAT 12oz bottle with a Gerber fruit, rice cereal, and whole milk. When her belly is about big enough for her to tumble over she usually pushes the bottle away.

Today we met my father and Leslie for lunch. She was giggley as usual and played with aother child. Whenever she sees children she is very sweet and friendly. Then we went to the grocery store. You know what you see at the store about 2pm? A million mommies and babies!

We came home so she could have playtime, dinner, and a bath so when daddy comes home she can play until bedtime. I would like to end with happily ever after but an hour later I hear SCREAMING and BAWLING....RUN FOREST RUN! SO I run to her to console her. Marco suggests I make her a warm bottle. The baby was STARVING. Did I feel horrible putting our daughter to ed starving? YESSSSSS - ARGGHHH , I really felt badly. After her bottle she went to sleep like a yummy little Cupcake!


Mike & Lisa said...

We got our Certificates of Citzenship last week too! Isn't it exciting??? So glad you are still blogging, albeit a new blog. Your stories are too interesting not to share!!

Mike & Lisa said...

Comment #2:
Of course it's OK to hold her like an infant and feed her! That is the BEST way to bond! The average population doesn't understand the attachment issues with the adopted kids. Sounds to me like you are doing everything right!!