Friday, April 27, 2007

No. 7

Where do the weeks go? How could my last post be on Monday? What did I do all week? All I know is everyday I feel like we utilize every waking moment but I can not account for our accomplishments. We did surprise Marco at the condo which is a second home in the city that Marco is renovating. Cupcake is walking beautifully and soon to be jogging. She ate her first egg for dinner tonight. Yippee one more thing I can get her to eat but she was hunting around for a bottle. We are down to 2-3 bottles a day which is better. Her cute little sounds crack me up and her addiction to the bath gets me so excxited for the pool to open in a couple of weeks.
Her favorite toys this week are her Puppy (which goes with the FP house) and New book ( by Vtech)which reads the nursery rhymes to her (2 thumbs up from me!) and her new classic car from her friend Baby L- OMG it is soo CUTE!


tzatziki730 said...

Yay for Cupcake! And I love that car...and the dirty daddy n' Cupcake pic too :)

I miss you! I gotta give you a call to say "hi!"
- Ann Marie

Starfish said...

She is as cute as ever!

Laura said...

Yeah Cupcake eating egg!!!!
We have the same stuffed puppy from Princes Godmother, she gave it to Tiger. It is so cute!
Love the picture of her and daddy! He looks like such a natural.

jen said...

Our little guy LOVED that Vtech book! I agree, it's a MUST HAVE! :)