Friday, April 13, 2007

No. 3

What is better than waking up to your childs face covered in a runny nose, pink cheeks, and glassy eyes as you are hurrying out to the doctor to get the results of your labs for TB, HIV, & everything else under the sun since it isn't normal to have high fevers for 3 weeks.

I just wanted to cry. I think I did in the car. I changed her, washed her, fed her, and left her with Solidad and Marco but Daddy doesn't count when the market is about to open! Meanwhile I probably gave my daughter something terrible too.

The good news is I was cleared for TB, HIV, thyroid, iron, potassium, Hep, and whatever else, but not cleared on possible pneumonis because I didn't make it to radiology for chest x-rays. Hopefully I can get into somewhere tomorrow. The doctor ordered another set of labs since she thinks they don't look good but if this isn't enough she gave me another form for another set next month too!

After being gone for an hour- I was rushing home to Cupcake as I wanted to be with her so badly! She giggled, cried, and gave a quick hands up to me as I walked in the house. She made my day! I wasn't sure if she was going to look at me after abandoning her this morning! We went upstairs and snuggled and wiped noses all day until my Mom came to help. We gave Cupcake a bath, a warm bottle, and played. To bed she went to bed at 6:30 as I am prepared to see her pink little face, and runny nose in a few hours!

Another great Mommy moment- Cupcake's Daddy informed me while I was sprawled out hogging the bed last night- I slept through my daughter's wailing and bawling for her Mommy! OMG OMG- What did you do? Why didn't you wake me? Hmmm- I changed her, washed her face, and held her until she was ready to go back to bed. Forgetting to share your child with your spouse is NOT NICE!!! He is SUPER DADDY! He may not be available for an hour in the morning but Mr. Nightowl really is so impressive with his daughter!

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kate said...

Glad you're on the mend... but I want to hear that you're completely WELL!

Miss you. If C is a cupcake, then what are you? Cheesecake? Devil's Food? Angel food? Tiramisu? ;> (I'm a gingersnap.)