Saturday, April 5, 2008

No. 66

It has been so long! Here is a Cupcake fix.
She is simply EQUISITE in every way! I love you Cupcake!
It is hard to explain but now she can walk, talk, and share an opinion. Our lives have meshed in such an incredible way! Watching her grow and learn is so special. In some ways it has become more private too. Blogging has been difficult with such a lack of time but I wanted to share a little more. Especially for anyone waiting...I promise FOR REAl you will forget the hardships of the waiting! Every paper chase, every 10+ hour flight, every check & charge will be FORGOTTEN!!!


Christen & Frank said...

good to hear from you and see you. :) she's getting so big... still so cute!

kate said...

since you promised FOR REAL we'll believe you. C is a stunner! Miss you.

Anonymous said...

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Starfish said...

My goodness she's growing up fast. And quite the fashion plate - what a diva in the first picture. Glad all is well!

kate said...

Hey, my comments have disappeared...or never appeared (love you, blogger).

I am clinging to your promise that it's all for REAL.

Miss you.

Debbie B said...

So glad that family life is normal. (I mean that in a positive way)
She just keeps getting prettier all the time.