Saturday, April 5, 2008

No. 65

Looking at the date from the last post is CRAZY! I know a few needed a Cupcake fix so don't give up on me yet. My work has been so time consuming that I can not miss one minute of "Life with Cupcake" so hold your panties because Little Cupcake is just Cupcake.

One year home came and went. Before I knew what happened to me the Baby I held, bottle fed, nurtured, and loved more than I have ever loved in my life grew up. She is my baby but she is just an equisite little girl with the best sense of humor I could ever of imagined.

So for every paper we chase, for every long flight we make, for every check & charge that gets us to another WORLD to find our new world...It is so easy to forget. I have almost forgotten. In a strange way I have not blogged as it keeps in the world of adoption. Even though I am eternally grateful for all I have found in this world I have enjoyed retreating into a private little snuggle spot with my daughter. This is what it is all about!

She is speaking fluently and completely. She has tested a few otnhs advanced where 8 months ago she was a few months behind. We are working on the potty with great progress. Eating time is not so stressful and the crib has become a jungle gym.

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