Friday, September 7, 2007

No. 43

So much since the last time I checked in!

Cupcake is into her third week of school. Ther children all playing together now opposed to parrallel play. She is eating well which is amazing in itself. If only I could learn to post video's I would love to share with you how she wakes in the morning. She starts signing car and go until I confirm we are getting ready to leave for school.

Everyday she stands by the door waiting for me to gather her lunch, keys, and my glasses. She is such a joy! Her progress with speech has been unbelievable too!

I think I was not interested in school or daycare because I thought it was such a privelege to be able to stay at home with her. Now I realize this is a gift for her. Even with a Nanny, the whole day is not planned around her like it is at school. Her schedule is interesting everyday. Cooking, music, art, the playground, and storytime wear my child out! She is so exhausted when we come home that she eats takes a bath and CRASHES out by 7.

Last weekend we went to Atlantic City. We travel often so hotel rooms do not impress me but this suite was SO beautiful. We met our friends (Andrea, Mario, and Baby Nic- who also came home from Russia in May 07). Our suite adjoined ot their room so I could BABYSIT! I never in my life was so happy not to go down to the casino. Last time we went I wanted to play but I worried if she woke up I wouldn't be there so this time I left Nana & Poppy at home. Cupcake, Baby Nic, and I hung out with snacks and toys!

We finished our Cupcake project when we returned so I will have to post a picture. Today when I pick her up I will bring my camera so I can get some new pics of the school too.

LAST NIGHT...After meeting my mother we went to pick up Cupcake from school. When we were driving home I started whining (YES ME NOT CUPCAKE) my car drives so terribly. Then came my tantrum about BMW's. You would think a fairly new X5 should be great. I figured after the suspension fell apart 2 weeks ago maybe I needed an alignment but I didn't know what the heck I needed since I know nothing about cars. All I know is I traded 500sl convertible (which I do sometimes miss) for a "mommy mobile" that is more suitable. Well, I am so sorry BMW- I had a blowout. It was just a flat tire! OOPS! I was in such a hurry to meet someone I took my mother's car. We live in a heavily wooded area which equates to many DEER. After 20 years of driving I have never hit a DEER but of course the one time I borrow my mother's car....I hit a DEER. Luckily CUPCAKE and I are fine.

In midst of our drama my phone starts ringing & ringing..oh and RINGING...Marco is calling to tell me we have NO WATER. Having no water no longer makes me panic as our well usually recovers in about 30 minutes if we turn off everything including all of the toilets. NOT THIS TIME MY FRIENDS. Hence the reason I have afew minutes to sit on the puter. Watson's (plumbing & well company) just arrived so after not having water for 16 hours I am hoped to be up and running by the end of the day!

What am I supposed to be doing? I am suppose to be packing so we can leave for Philadelphia for my cousins wedding. Not any wedding THE WEDDING and Cupcake's first wedding.

Having water would be great! Just for the little things like flushing a toilet, taking a shower, and washing a little clothes before you leave for the weekend.

I think this is the most drama I have ever posted!

Have a great weekend!


Leslie Edwards said...

Dear Lauren,
Hi. My name is Leslie, and I have been following your wonderful story about you and your beautiful Cupcake! I adopted my 20 month old daughter from Kazakhstan, and we've been home 6 months now. I was wondering if you might be willing to email me. My daughter has been having some problems with chewing (I've spoken with my adoption pediatrician, regular pediatrician, and early intervention), but we're still having some problems. I couldn't really tell from your blog if Cupcake had some difficulty with eating (I'm not sure if I saw all of your posts), but if you'd be willing to write me, I'd be so appreciative. My email is Thank you so much and take care, Leslie

Anonymous said...

you are a drama queen