Thursday, September 13, 2007

No. 46

Happy New Year's

Last night (Wednesday) was the first of two nights that my family celebrates the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashana. Cupcake tends to lean towards her Daddy's dislike for Jewish food. HOWEVER, the one thing you can't serve too much of to Marco is Liver Patte/Chopped Liver. In a million years I would have never of guessed this was going to be Cupcake's favorite item last night. She snickered to the rainbow cake and went back to the patte on crackers. It was too funny. As I went to serve her the first cracker everyone was hollaring this is an acquired taste-don't bother. What can I tell you...Cupcake is NOT eating chicken soup (she really doesn't like soups in general) and has no interest in beef or vegetables. The Little Diva was quite cute with her pinkie in the air while she indulged in her crackers and patte.

By now most of know both of parents have significant others'. Some have thought Larry is my father as we spend so much time together. Since I have two families to grace with our presence we started the evening at my father's sister's home. Luckily, she lives a minute away from my Mom & Larry where we finished our evening. Cupcake and I came home at 10 pm. She is still sleeping!

Cupcake has aluminum foil all over her...We were doing a pretend jewelry store .

Poppy and Cupcake engaging in intense conversation

I Love You Cupcake...Cupcake gives KISSES TO NANA!

Second dinner, a great little jewelry store, and kids kids kids everywhere! Lets get started at 8 pm!

3 2yr olds sitting on a step for a photo can be a task in itself! Cupcake and Garrett are in the same class since they are only 4 days apart. Irenee is obviously having the most fun during this photo shoot.

My Mom's neighbors daughter loves Cupcake- and Cupcake gets super excited to see her too! They came in to see Nibbles the Guinea Pig.


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