Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some Old Some New...

Looks like we are going to wake up soon to say I can't believe 2012 is almost over.  Whoever said as you get older the clock ticks faster- SO TRUE!  I just had a D*** Birthday and it is coming up again.  How come when we are little it seems like forever for our next Birthday and then you turn 30 the clock starts ticking double time, ARGHHH!

I want to be a better blogger.  Since 2006 I have been blogging mostly about Cupcake and little about the annoyance of a neighbor and both with a little humor and few irritants.  I have had some positive responses and some not so positive responses ( those get deleted quickly!).  Overall I like sharing the journey of life with my daughter because I really didn't know...SO MANY THINGS!  To think when I was 14 I knew EVERYTHING and my parents knew nothing!  By the time I turned 30, I realized I knew very little and I was truly embarking on adulthood.  Even though I try to convince Cupcake I am a 29 years old, I am not so bent about turning 41 (ok, a little bent).  Life is more interesting is "learning" mode and Cupcake is an amazing teacher.  Her infectious smile and seven year old perspective on life is so interesting, entertaining, and a lesson in so many ways.  Cupcake's world is a place of rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. Of course there are a few bees and bee stings along the way but she always seems to see the vibrant yellow and black stripes after the sting.  She has taught me to smile in the morning even if I wake feeling grumpy and hugs and kisses every night are paramount (after milk & cookies).  She is the best reminder that it is just as easy to say things nicely (how far I have come even in the most contentious situations as being a role model in front of her trumps the "point."  As she is getting older it is difficult not to feel she needs me less but it isn't really less, it is needing me differently.  I find myself wanting to brush her teeth (i still scrub them well when I can sneak it in!) or tie her shoes (and sneak a thigh tickle) but she is a BIG girl now!  She has an opinion- OMG does she ever!  For the most part, I love her opinions and perspectives on life and friends.  I look forward to sharing more of her perspectives on life next year!

Today I have had an overwhelming sadness as I am following a story of a missing little 10 year old  girl in Colorado- Jessica Ridgeway.  My heart breaks for her mother.  I feel sick to my stomach of the thoughts that run through my mind.  I think of all of the little girls who have been kidnapped, murdered, and never returned since my obsession with following these stories (which started in 2005).  I hesitate to start writing about this topic because it is a topic that will only bring tears.  However it is so important to talk about it.  The more we talk about it, the more conscious we are of our surroundings.  Hopefully this will lead to better decisions.  If your child has to walk to school, make sure there is supervision, if you are on a playground don't turn around to take a call, and if you are a mall, amusement park, or any large event- do not blink an eye.  if you go to the movies be prepared to throw your child under a chair and lay on top of them.  If your child is going to a friends house restrict them on going to a playground or a crowed event if you aren't sure your child will be supervised in the SAME fashion you would.  Talk to your child about running, screaming, and hiding (in a healthy and unalarming manner) as preparing them is our job!  Most importantly, don't feel guilty or negative about thinking there are so many people in our country who harm children because this is the truth.  It is the reality of living in America.  With freedom comes many people who abuse their freedom resulting in crimes on children.  While it is important to be charitable in many facets from sick children to the less fortunate- don't ever risk the safety of our children.  I may sound a bit crazy and I know some deem me to be a bit (ok, a little more than a bit- Cupcake may not see a public event without me until she is 21) over protective, but I do prefer the chit chat about my craziness on this topic then the possibilities if I am not.  More on this topic later.

In the meantime, send strength and hope to Jessica Ridgeway's family!

Update:  Her body was found.

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