Thursday, October 11, 2012

SO SO FANCY! & More...


Fancy Nancy replaced Dr.Seuss very quickly!  I love Fancy Nancy too.  We have read them together and she loves reading them on her own.  When the "The Mermaid Ballet" book arrived we both gasped as it was just a beautiful book, a great read, and even better the Vital Theatre was rolling out the red carpet for the premiere.   Cupcake was not missing the show.  We have attended "Pinkalicious" which was also at the Vital Theatre in NYC and didn't think it could get any better  BUT...

All I can say it PERFECT!  She got to meet Jane O'Conner (the author -below), have her book autographed and sit with the cast.  All she can could say to Fancy Nancy...ARE YOU REAL?
Fancy Nancy was so REAL!!!  A perfect day in the world of Cupcake!

The show is playing for a couple months so if you have the opportunity and you are in NYC- Don't miss it!!! It is a MUST SEE!!!

Bree and Fancy Nancy are real!!!                                      
 The Mermaids waiting for the show to begin.    

Some scattered pics:

         Cupcake is so 70's!
Great Grandma Kay is going to be 93 next month!!!

Cupcake manipulated her way into the cockpit as we departed Barcelona for America.  Special Clearance granted.

FIRST trip to the doctor for an injury.  YES, you can get hurt with child proof scissors.  YES I did forget to remind her to use on PAPER ONLY.  While attempting to cut a thin piece of plastic she took out of the trash (pretty purple) to make a mask??  The scissors cut a nice chunk on the tip & side of her finger...ARGGHHH!  Mother's guilt at its finest.   Dr. Daddy bandaged and got us to the hospital successfully!

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