Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine's Day & More

Happy Valentine's Day from Mommy & Daddy! Cupcakes new hobby is roller skating. She just loves it so we surprised her with these really cool skates. Why are they so cool? The expand Size 10, 11, 12, 13...thats a great deal for $30.00! Maybe you can see the white button under the pink- you just push and stretch. On the bottom of the insert- there is elastic-Voile- adjustable skates! PS. She loves them
Coincedently, Disney usually has an ice skating show around Valentine's Day. We didn't have much to do so I picked up tickets the morning of and we headed down to Disney's 100 years on Ice- It was a good Saturday morning in Cupcakeland.

Fancygirlboutique put together these great Valentine's Day bags for her classmates. With only 9 girls to get little gifts for it was easy. School uniforms allow for only red and white hair bows so this was a great little treat in lieu of candy. The girls could put their Valentine's Cards in the bag too.

Surprise! My mother is a teacher and NEVER has the same days off. This year we had President's Day Weekend so Mom and Cupcake and I hopped on a plane to CA to the cousins. Since there was a new arrival of Baby J we had to go!

While in Cali-We couldn't miss Disney!

Baby J's big sisters and Cupcake...

Introducing Baby J- yummy xoxo

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