Thursday, February 2, 2012

A little more Christmas Trip...

So one of Cupcake's highlight during our Christmas vacation was she was selected to be on SLIME LIVE. The ship has a Nick JR show. I am sure the Santa hat did it! I wish I actually hit the record instead of the photo mode.

Second Highlight...She was so excited to hang with Dora and Diego. I was not so sure she was going to be interested but she couldn't get enough!

This is smiling face I see every morning and every night. Cupcake is so much fun. From planes, trains, and automobiles she brightens everyone's day! The most fun spirit you could ever imagine. Those of you who know me well...I start the mushiness as soon the calendar flips to February. Save the chocolates and the flowers...
Send the Kleenex, this February 14th will be 5 years. For old times sake for those who may have followed - I like to post cupcakes. The tears are starting. Anyone else feel like crying their eyes out on anniversaries of the best days of our lives? Tonight I held her like a baby telling her what a itsy bitsy yummy cupcake she was but even at 45 lbs she is still my itsy bitsy Little Cupcake! xoxo

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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, Lauren, isn't it so hard to believe it has been 5 years?! I can't believe mine have been home for 4 either. The time seems just to fly by!

Miss hearing from you! Life is just too busy sometimes... wish we could take the summer off, rest and reconnect. If only I could get my boss to go for that!

Happy family anniversary to you all. Love, Lisa, Annie & Abbye