Sunday, November 25, 2007

No. 55

Cupcake and Daddy started off the day together in the city for a walk at the condo and a visit to the ducks. When they got home she was still googling in her Daddy's eyes like I have never seen but she passed out until we had to leave.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday we usually do at our home but we skipped last year because we were packing. This year our cousins said they want to do it so we went to their home. Kim & Ray with daughter Samantha put on a great Thanksgiving Day for the family. It was so nice to relax!

Cupcake just loves Peaches who is Sami's bird and the guinea pig was another highlight. After running around like a nut, playing with the dogs, and knocking everything off one of the side tables. Cupcake and Sami decided...MORE so Sami came with us for the evening.

Did I mention relax? Well since we didn't have much to do I decided to give us something to do so I organized a After Thanksgiving Day Lunch @ 2. Who would have guessed our guests would be departing at 8:30ish. We had a blast!

For the first time the house was seemingly filled with laughter, high energy & babies. Four 2 year olds just changes the chemistry of the 25 people!!!

BLAH BLAH ...It was just the BEST THANKSGIVING for us, Cupcake's first, and THE TREE....I will continue about the TREE.

Also I am having mega issues posting pics any suggestions?


Lisa said...

Are you compressing your photos before posting? That seems to help. I use Microsoft fax/photo software that came on my computer to do it. I think it's called Image Viewer or something like that.

Glad your Thanksgiving was great! You know mine was!

Chris said...

I'm glad to hear your you had a wonderful first Thanksgiving with Cupcake, and a relaxing one too.