Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mom,Grandma, Great-Grandma-Rainbows, Butterflies, and Raindrops from My Eyes

Celebrating Life at the Moment of Death

Raindrops from my eyes as I know any minute the call will come.  My 94 year old Grandmother will leave earth.

My mother will no longer have on earth her beloved Mom.  I will no longer have my beloved randmother and Cupcake her great Grandma K.  With one of girls missing it will never be the same.

Almost two weeks ago she took a terrible fall.  One week later we knew today would come.  With nothing but love and admiration for "Katie" and her amazing life we smile.  Peacefully we could find resolve in the amazing life she lead and the amazing lives she has given to us.  She has always been an amazing role model.  She has loved us so deeply and completely.   She is the reason we are the strong women we are today.  We know in a strange way she has prepared us for life without her.  As I write without her,   I know I will never be without her.  She is a part of me forever.  As much as I will miss her touch, her smile, and her humor, I will live my life hearing her soft voice guide me and encourage me to always do what needs to be done, always do it the right way, and ALWAYS do what makes me happy.   I will remember how she has taken the time to always live life and her positive energy will flow from my heart to my life as a woman, a wife and a mother.  She is the lady every woman would inspire to be.  Even though she never drove a car or had a traditional job, she could get anywhere at anytime and worked as a seamstress out of her home until the age of 91.  She loved three times and outlived them all.  She made each and everyone in her life feel like the the most special person in the world. Her independence was strong and her interests in exploring the world through travel, arts, and her collection of friends was impressive and a goal I inspire to achieve.  Other than her cooking she was PERFECT.

From my earliest moments of life I remember her walking and talking with me and sewing my clothes.  She made me a fashionista.  Always considering my creativity and color requests for everything she made me at such an early age.  If pink heart buttons is what I wanted- she would find them.  If it was a little itchy she would line it.  If it wasn't PINK enough she would make it MORE pink for me!  Today, one of her favorite creations (my dress from when I turned 1 year old- is modeled on Cupcakes's Doll.

Today I want the rainbows to be bright, vibrant, and sparkle and colorful butterflies to dance around, and the raindrops from my eyes to reflect the beauty and power of my grandmother's life.

She lived her life as devoted wife, mother, grandmother, great gandmother, girlfriend, sibling, friend, and neighbor.  Every role she executed, she did so with absolute grace and perfection.

Tonight when stars come up I will send her this message:

Star light, Star bright-  Katie, you are the most beautiful star tonight.
Star light, Star bright-  We will find you every night
Star light, Star bright-  We know you will guide us with your light
Star light, Star bright-  In our hearts we hold you tight

I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish to see you shining every night.

                                            Happy 94th Birthday Katie!  Thanksgiving 2012


This is how the four of us danced.  Always with a smile- not for the cameras.


1:20 PM EST- Goodbye Grandma Thank you for all of your love.  Most importantly your friendship.

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Julianne Green said...

I am sorry for your loss..I lost my grandma when she was 94..Blessings!