Saturday, December 13, 2008

No. 73

Some exciting news, Finally got Cupcake's US Passport yesterday so we can share a big surprise this winter.  We are going to some really  cool places.  Details to follow.  I am figuring out how to use the new laptop so I can blog a little.

Happy 3rd Birthday Leif! I wanted to share some photos of us from the past year but I will add later. 


karen said...

Hi Guys
Karen here, so glad to hear or should I say read from you!!! Cant wait to hear your plans!! Cupcake is adorable!!! How fast the time goes. Ciara and Mikey are doing great. Went to see Santa today at Macys. They were enthralled.
Hope we can have a chat soon.
Love ya

Christen and Frank said...

Hope you're happy holidays! Cute pictures of the Cupcake girl.

Frank and I are getting settled into our new home in Chicago. Adoption is coming soon... yay!

JEN said...

Thanks for the sweet compliments about CQ. It's too bad we live in Indiana...the girls are so close in age!
Happy Holidays and have FUN traveling!