Sunday, December 2, 2007

No. 56

A year ago today we landed in Moscow, Russia. We met our friends Lisa & Scott for dinner. We dined at a wonderful restrauant on Tverskoi Blvd. The name translated to "All in the Mill." I rarley talk about like before on this blog because it is about Cupcake. Last year this time (inbetween Thanksgiving & Christmas) was just the most amazing time in our lives. I hope one day Cupcake really knows our joy through every step of the three of us becoming a family!

Anyway- The day after Thanksgiving was a blast at our home. Cousin Sami came home with us. Her parents put on a fantabulous Thanksgiving for the family.

Marco put up the tree. Lillie who cam e home about a month ago had a fear of dogs which was cured when playing with Buttercup. About 20 came for a late lunch which went until 9pm. The evening ended with the best photo of Marco watching Shrek with 4 TWO YEAR OLDS!

Our first tree is a work in progress...

We are so excited to see all of our friends in NY next week. Big Hugs, Big Birthday wishes, and we can't wait to come party!!!


Lisa said...

Oh my, look at Cupcake with her hair long enough to be in two ponytails! I think she's grown like a weed since I saw you guys in October!

I'll send you greetings from Russia SOON, girlfriend!

Christen & Frank said...

Cute pictures. Esp love the one of Marco and the kids. :) Enjoy your trip to NY.

KatBliss said...

Great pics! I love checking in to see how much Cupcake has grown.

Denise :o) said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Can I just say that Cupcake is getting cuter and cuter and cuter!! Not that she wasn't cute in the beginning ;o) She is such a doll!!!!! Ugh... just love her!

Sorry I haven't commented in a while. It's not that I haven't been reading and keeping up... I'm just lazy I guess! lol.

Christen & Frank said...

I like the new black background :)